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Is Ted Danson Bald? What happened in Breaking bad

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Ted Danson is a well-known American actor recognized for his role as Sam in cheers. He is a seventy-two-year-old man who began his acting career at twenty-eight years. Men from all around the world suffer male pattern baldness primarily due to age. Ted is no exception. He suffers hair loss as he ages.

He is among the few celebrities who do not conceal their hair defects, as he always flaunts his thinning hair with so much confidence. If you look up his name on the internet, you will find many images of him while bald and having naturally significantly thinning hair. Ted put his wigs on as he made appearances on television shows. His wigs became the talk of the town since they topped the list of most talked about issues for debate.

Ted is happily married to one wife, Mary, who addressed the issue, saying that Ted only wears toupees to act in movies and television shows. She adds that Ted does not like wearing wigs and toupees because he wants his scalp to breathe and get adequate vitamin D. He gets to change hairstyles from the wide range of wigs that he wears daily.

Why  men bald

Medically, the term androgenetic alopecia is equivalent to male pattern baldness. This is very common in males. Scientific data analysis has revealed that it has affected well over fifty million men in the United States and can start during one’s late teens. It further reveals that more than 50% have suffered hair loss by age fifty, depending on the degree or extent. Men could go bald due to several reasons. They include

· Genetics

A bigger percentage of male pattern baldness is due to factors relating to genetics, precisely the number of male hormones produced by the body and how susceptible the person’s hair is to them. This is the most common cause, and many men will experience it as they age. Some hair loss, like hairline recession, could be caused by the after-puberty hairline recession. In this case, only the hairline is affected, which is why most men don’t seem to worry too much about it. Causes of male pattern baldness can be both genetic and hormonal. Dihydrotestosterone (DHT) is a hormone in males that occurs naturally. Some people’s hair follicles are more sensitive to this hormone, while others are not. Men whose hair follicles are super sensitive to DHT suffer hair shrinkage even when the levels are normal.

· Stress

Aside from being mentally drained by stress, it can cause other issues, including a weakened immune system and hair thinning. Working and daily routines in a stressful environment could cause problems like hair thinning. Family-related stress or general stress from personal issues, such as a problem-filled relationship, could also cause hair loss. According to medical data and research, stress could cause hair follicles to enter a resting phase due to high-stress levels. Hair may not fall immediately but given time, it starts to fall off, especially when brushing or washing. A few stressful days at work or home may not affect the hairline, but after several months of exposure to stress, it could bring about hair loss. Another condition that could cause hair loss is trichotillomania. People with this condition always feel the unavoidable urge to pull out their hair, causing patches on the head. The best solution is usually through therapy sessions or mental health treatments. g phase since there are very high-stress levels of hair thinning. Job re

· Diet

One may work in a stress-free environment but still suffer hair loss. Diet could be the cause of their receding hairline. Diets that lack vital minerals and vitamins, like vitamin D, cause premature hair thinning or baldness. Most people agree that including proteins, fatty acids, and zinc is needed to have a full head of hair. Adding foods rich in extra iron is very important for vegans to avoid having a deficiency, which could bring about hair loss.ins, like vitamin D, cause premature hair thinning or baldness. To have a full head of ha

· Drugs

This is one factor that many do not know about hair loss. Drugs that increase stress and androgen levels could cause hair loss. Prescription drugs are more likely to have negative effects that could cause hair loss compared to over-the-counter drugs. Retinoids used to treat acne and other skin-related problems could cause hair loss. Medicines used to treat thyroids could also, in rare cases, cause loss of hair. Being observant of one’s hair is very important. If the drug prescribed has negative effects on the air, it is best to ask the health practitioner if alternative treatment methods exist.

Solutions for bald men

1. Prescriptions and over-the-counter medication

Currently, the food and drug administration approves and tests two types of medications. Finasteride is one of the two and can only be available as prescribed by the doctor. For results to start showing, it typically takes about three months. Minoxidil is another drug that comes in liquid form. It is applied to the scalp daily to avoid hair loss and encourage hair growth.

2. Hair transplants

These solutions are expensive and could cause a lot of discomfort. Follicular unit transplantation involves taking out some skin from the back of the scalp where there is a lot of hair, then to the part that suffers hair loss, hair follicles from the skin are added. It is applied on the scalp daily to avoid hair loss and encourage hair growth.

3. Laser treatment

This method reduces hair follicles’ swelling, preventing them from regrowing. Laser treatment has been proven to be safe as well as effective in treating male pattern baldness

4. Lifestyle changes

There are various adverse effects of smoking, which is a lifestyle habit. Scientists have discovered that smoking could potentially cause hair loss. In the year 2020, a thousand men participated in a study. It revealed that most of those who smoked had suffered some hair loss.

In conclusion, it is quite evident that hair loss has different causes. Once you figure out the underlying cause, it becomes much easier to treat it. Seeking medication from a doctor is the first step in the quest for hair loss treatment.

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