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Fact-checking policy

Fact control is an extremely important part of the Beijing News Peak editorial process.

Our editorial process includes several fact-checking steps before publishing.


We always try to reference or credit the original source.

When we’re reporting on an opinion, we always make it clear whose opinion we’re presenting.

If it’s one of our own journalist’s opinions we’re publishing, we make that clear.

We have our a quality editor to whom readers can mail in opinions or questions regarding our content.

Ethics policy

Beijing News Peak is a news site where journalistic principles and standards always come first.

Beijing News Peak is a free and independent news site. We always cite external sources when our work is based on the texts of others. We respect copyright. Where an article presents a conflict, we will always give both sides the opportunity to comment.

We strive to present quotes with 100-percent accuracy. We do not take comments or quotes out of context.

Corrections policy

If we have published incorrect material, we will quickly correct it with full transparency.

Minor adjustments to a text (for example a spelling correction) will be made without an editor’s note in the article.

Other updates or adjustments will be made clear in the article, always with full transparency.

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Editorial Team

kiran Yahya

Kiran is a Lead editor for Beijing Newspeak. After graduating, Kiran got an internship at a local radio station and worked as a beat reporter and producer. Kiran has also worked as a columnist for the US Updates. Kiran covers Entertainment News and community events for Beijing Newspeak.

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