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8 Oldest People with Down Syndrome Genetic Disorder

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John Langdon Down defined Down syndrome as a mental disorder in 1862. He was the first man to publish a detailed paper on this disorder in 1866. In 1884, Edouard Seguin clarified the differences between Down syndrome and Cretinism.

Down syndrome is actually a genetic disorder caused due to abnormal production in chromosomal numbers. Its symptoms include delayed growth, mental weakness, and distinct facial features. 

The Internet is full of the recorded oldest people with Down syndrome. 

The disorder is detectable by parental screening during pregnancy. Ordinary observations and genetic testing are the best methods to detect this genetic disorder after childbirth. There is no proper treatment for such a genetic disorder called Down syndrome. 

Children with neural problems join special schools for special treatment. They are at more risk of getting other diseases such as thyroid. One child out of 700 has Down syndrome in the United States. Here, we will discuss the oldest people with this genetic disease. 

8. Ricky Hull

Ricky Hull

 Date of Birth: 1960

 Residence: United States of America

 Still Living: Yes

 Current age/ Age at death: 61 years (As of 2022)

Ricky Hull is a part of a fundraising institute called Ricky’s Walking Warriors for Down Syndrome. According to one of his family members, there was no chance of his life when he was born with this neurological genetic disorder. 

In September 2021, he participated in a procession through Times Square organized in New York. The crowd saw him on a big screen, standing at the crossroads. He is a social media user and updates it regularly. 

He is an active person on Facebook and uploads the events of his life. In August of 2021, Riky Hull’s friends celebrated his 61st birthday with Ricky’s Walking Warriors and posted photos and videos of the event on social media. 

In this disorder, the patient has one extra gene on chromosome number 21. Many people worldwide, but we discussed eight of the oldest people with Down syndrome with their specialties. 

7. Roger LaPlume

Roger LaPlume

 Date of Birth: 1953

 Residence: Spencer, MA, US

 Still Living: Yes

 Current age/ Age at death: 68 years (As of 2022)

Roger LaPlum lives in the United States and is famous as the oldest patient with Down Syndrome in Spencer, Massachusetts. In 2020, his partners brought him to the hospital when he got ill due to a severe respiratory attack.

He is a strong person who has beaten many harmful health conditions he faced in his life. He celebrated and enjoyed his recent birthday with white ice cream, dollar bills, and dancing girls to his favorite songs. 

The man has lived in the BAMSI rehabilitation center for around seventeen years. He has become a crucial part of this center and has many beloved friends and fellows. They all live like a family and make memories. 

People with such genetic disorders mostly have tooth diseases. Doctors can detect them with periodontal disease and necrotizing ulcerative gingivitis. They even lose their teeth at an early age. Bruxism is also common in people with Down syndrome, which causes the yellowing of teeth. 

6. Georgie Wildgust

Georgie Wildgust

 Date of Birth: 1942

 Residence: Nottingham, UK

 Still Living: Yes

 Current age/ Age at death: 79 years (As of 2022)

Georgie Wildgust is a fit male who claims he is the healthiest because of his dancing practices. He is fond of dancing and spends most of his time in it. He has been influencing society with his best attitude since 1942. 

The man is known as the oldest person with Down Syndrome globally. George is famous as a brilliant dancer who is very active in his social life. He treats people very well and attracts them with his good words. 

After some time, he and his friends will celebrate his 79th birthday with great fun and pleasure. He enjoys dancing most of the time around the Nottingham facility and Strictly Comes Dancing. The man is still alive and living a healthy life in Nottingham, United Kingdom.

Men and women with this brain disease have more chances of blood cancer. Such people have more chances of developing acute megakaryoblastic leukemia and acute lymphoblastic leukemia. 

5. Robin Smith

Robin Smith

 Date of Birth: 1941

 Residence: Kettering, UK

 Still Living: No

 Current age/ Age at death: 78 years (As of 2019)

Robin Smith is one of the oldest men with Down Syndrome whose residence became full of tributes after his death. He had many close friends and fellows who loved him very much and enjoyed his company. 

People liked to spend time with him because of his friendly nature. He amused his friends and family with his funny jokes and gave him spiritual lessons for life. Robin used to motivate his beloved ones and increase their energy. 

The man loved hoovering, karaoke, cuddles, cheesecake, and watching soap operas. He died just before his 79th birthday in Northleigh Residential Home in Kettering. Robin was abnormal, but people still remember him due to his good deeds.

People with Down syndrome have fewer chances of getting non-blood cancer, including breast, cervix, and lungs. It is due to less number of tumor genes in the person. Non-blood cancer may develop when people are at 50. 

4. Frances Gillett

Frances Gillett

 Date of Birth: 1941

 Residence: Derbyshire, UK

 Still Living:  Not available

 Current age/ Age at death: 75> years (As of 2016)

According to a 2016 report, Frances Gillet has been reported as one of the oldest women with 

Down Syndrome. Frances has faced many problems in her life with breast cancer, tuberculosis, and other health diseases.

She uploaded the last picture on the occasion of her 75th birthday celebration. Gillet celebrated her birthday with a colorful cake and great pleasure. Likewise, she received many gifts and prayers from her loved ones. 

The lady is an ideal example to follow if someone wants to beat the problems and live his life happily. There is no current report about her health, but it is expected that she is still alive and spending her life in Derbyshire.

According to research, 20 to 50% of people with Down syndrome may have a thyroid problem. It develops because of poorly or non-functioning thyroid hormones produced during birth. Patients can face other diseases such as pyloric stenosis, imperforate anus, etc. 

3. Kenny Cridge

Kenny Cridge

 Date of Birth: 1939

 Residence: Somerset, UK

 Still Living: No

 Current age/ Age at death: 79 years (As of 2019)

Kenny Cridge was a male with a genetic disorder and loved enjoying sweet treats, playing harmonica, and sharing a joke with family and friends. He had weak eyesight and hearing problems that are common in such patients. 

He spent five years at Wisteria House care home and celebrated his 77th birthday here. In April 2019, Kenny passed away in Somerset, England. His facial features belonged to Blumenbach’s Mongolian race due to his disease. 

It had accepted that Kenny was dead, but he was living, and his twin sibling had died. His mother gave birth to twins and was in serious condition during delivery. Kenny developed Down Syndrome because of a closer-death experience. 

Children with this mental disorder may face problems in five senses. Ear and eye infections are more common in them. Sensorineural type disease can affect 10% to 70% of patients with Down syndrome. 

2. Bert Holbrook

Bert Holbrook

 Date of Birth: 1929

 Residence: Waseca, MN, US

 Still Living: No

 Current age/ Age at death: 83 years (As of 2014)

Bert Holbrook is the one who lived longest among men with Down syndrome. He was born in 1929 and lived in the United States for 83 years. In 2014, he passed away because of natural death. He was a man with poor muscular strength. 

He was at risk of developing spinal cord damage due to weakness. Elm North Group Home submitted his name to The Guinness Book of World Records, mentioning him as the oldest man with Down Syndrome. 

However, he was a happy man, and people remembered him in good words upon his death. He had good genes that created a smile on his face every time. The man with Down Syndrome lived more than his sister and parents.  

Patients with Down syndrome may face body balance problems due to mental retardation. Such persons can understand better but cannot speak well due to brain disorders. Furthermore, they can go under stressful conditions when they become adults.

1. Joyce Greenman

people with down syndrome

Date of Birth: 1925

Residence: London, U.K.

Still Living: No

Current age /Age at death: 87 years (As of 2012)

Joyce Greenman was a woman who was a patient with Down syndrome. The Guinness Book of World Records has mentioned her name since 2012. She was a female with weak immunity and faced many other health issues in her life.  

She lived in London and had made her name among the people with Down syndrome living in the UK. The woman lived for 87 years and faced many problems in her life. She defeated all the circumstances with bravery.

Patients of this disorder may face chronic neurodegenerative ailments, including Alzheimer’s. They may face heart problems, leukemia, epilepsy, and other diseases. The one who lives for 40 to 50 years can develop symptoms of dementia. 

People with Down syndrome have short height with weak muscles. They are at most risk of obesity due to the high production of Leptin enzymes in their bodies. Likewise, they have protruding tongues and a single crease of the palm.

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