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Key and best ways to gain experience in World of Warcraft Dragonflight

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WoW remains one of the most iconic MMO RPGs in the history of the gaming industry, and at the same time the project continues to actively develop and release updates.

The latest current update, Dragonflight, opens a new stage in the history of Azeroth, because it adds new islands that all interested players will have to explore.

To do this, you need to gain experience and go through the stage of all the old updates, from which you can choose the path to reach level 60 and only then go to the Dragon Islands to continue the hunt and reach level 70 in the World of Warcraft boosting.

There are several ways to quickly and efficiently progress in levels for your character.

This could be simply accelerated gameplay, or parallel accumulation of resources so that the character is not only of a high level, but also has all the necessary equipment for a comfortable game.

This can be done using a system of quests, grind, raids, or follow the link – and order a full boost of your character to the desired level, at least up to the final 70, at least up to the preliminary 60, at least a couple values that you will need – you can discuss all the details with the service manager.

Warcraft Dragonflight

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The very first type of gameplay and leveling method that all players encounter in World of Warcraft. First through the training system, and then through quests that will come one after another.

There are story quests that relate to one of the old updates and minor ones.

Story quests are long and important tasks that always require a lot of time and effort, but at the same time they bring the greatest amount of experience, gold, equipment and weapons. at least at important stages of boosting in WoW Dragonflight

All such quests will lead you through locations, but if you want to receive not only levels, but also other useful items, then the main quests need to be combined with secondary quests, grinding and a system of professions and accumulation of resources.

Be careful in cities and locations where your tasks take place. You will see NPCs with bright and noticeable marks above their heads, meaning that they have tasks that are suitable for your level.

Carefully read the terms of the task and pay attention to the rewards, because there are a lot of secondary tasks in World of Warcraft and if you grab everything indiscriminately, then you will simply do most of the useless work that does not have serious benefits for your character.

You need all the tasks that can be completed in combination at the same location, and then you will always have additional experience and resources waiting for you.

Be sure to check for quests with unlimited quest items. Such missions can bring you a lot of rewards, especially if after killing all the monsters for the main task, you stay a little longer for additional hunting.

You can always stay for additional grinding and leave the location only if you noticeably increase your level, your inventory is full, or the end of the game session, when further leveling in World of Warcraft will not be so profitable.

Hunting and grinding

Grind is a format for destroying monsters, when a player simply comes to a location alone, or as part of a group, and in this way gains experience, gold and other valuable items, including resources for sale, or for mastering two selected professions.

Grinding can and should be done if your character can independently deal a lot of damage to monsters one at a time, or gather them into groups and destroy them.

It is important that your hero does not spend all his resources on several enemies, but has a full opportunity to inflict stable damage on them over a long period of time; this is the only way that single grinding and boosting in WoW Dragonflight will be effective.

Otherwise, it is better to organize, or join groups of players who are engaged in full-fledged hunting.

This is beneficial because players will help each other, supplement each other with resources and a supply of health and mana, protect from attacks by representatives of the enemy faction and quickly destroy a large number of monsters.

For stability, you need a tank, a healer and attacking classes with stable damage to a group of enemies.

In parallel with the levels, you will be able to accumulate a lot of gold and resources, which, although they will be shared, but by killing a large number of enemies you will be able to provide yourself with everything you need and stabilize the gain in experience through a combination of grinding with a system of quests of all types.

Always be on your guard, because after level 20, most hunting locations will be adjacent for representatives of different factions, and you can always encounter enemies during the hunt, so look around periodically.


You can always bet on clearing dungeons and raids from bosses and receive experience and valuable rewards for this, which will depend on the difficulty level of the selected dungeon.

This can be a normal, heroic or mythic difficulty level, where the strength of the boss, his health reserve and the recharge speed of unique skills change, but the quality and quantity of rare rewards that can be received for successful completion and, of course, the amount of experience improves.

You need a good and stable group and the right selection of players and classes – try not to create an imbalance of power – just take good heroes with physical damage like a warrior, or archers and a magic hero to destroy the retinue, but do not pay much attention to magic, because anyone the boss is more afraid of physical than magical damage, but his guards are the opposite.

Try to always get into raids whenever possible, because this is always the first source of new equipment and weapons, and sometimes it is impossible to get them in any other way.

Mythic difficulty levels are especially valuable, especially in raids from new updates like Aberrus and others that will appear in the future.

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