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Oxford Study Found the Link Between Teens, Tech and Mental Health

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 A study was found that says there is little association between mental health and technology. The Oxford Internet Institute compares social media, tv viewing, and device use with feelings of depression, suicidal tendencies, and behavioral issues.
Moreover, a study shows the association between social media and depression from 1991 to 2019. The issue arose between social media use and emotional problems. Coauthor Prof Andrew Przybylski said, “ we could not tell the difference between mental health and social media in 2010 and 2019.

Few people are happy with the use of more social media how the connection would be stronger. There was a warning to regulators and lawmakers and had beliefs about the harmful effects of technology on young people’s mental health.

US and UK participants graded their own feelings and set questions with sliding scale responses. They were asked about the duration of social media and device activity.

A paper published in the journal Clinical Psychological Science In January 2021. According to a study, heavy social media links to negative well-being and self-esteem among teenagers.

Some factors matter, such as young people’s mental health, including the coronavirus pandemic.UK government announced a £500m investment in mental health services.

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