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The Family business Season 5: Highlights, Release Date, Cast, Trailer & More!

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The Family Business is an exciting crime drama TV show from the U.S. that debuted on BET in 2018. The show is based on Carl Weber’s best-selling book of the same name. It’s about the Duncan family, who runs a successful New York City car business.

But behind the appearance of a legal firm, they do things that are against the law. The show has a loyal fan group because of its exciting plot, captivating performances, and look at how families work. In this article, we’ll talk about Season 5 of The Family Business, which everyone looks forward to. We’ll discuss its release date, interesting plot, cast, and other exciting news.

The Family business Season 4 Review & Ratings

Both audiences and critics have accepted the Family Business since it started. People have said good things about the show’s strong acting, exciting plot, and how it looks at family, loyalty, and the criminal underworld. People have also said good things about the show’s cast and how it shows Black culture.

The show has also done well for BET in terms of ratings. It has always been one of the network’s most popular shows. Over 1 million people watched the season 4 finale in July 2021, making it the most-watched show of the season.

The Family business Season 5 Expected Release Date

The exact date for season 5 of The Family Business has yet to be set. Even so, fans should expect the show to come back in 2023. The show has been picked up for a fifth season, and shooting will start soon. Carl Weber, who created the show, said that the next season will be the most exciting yet.

The Family business Season 5 Cast

the family business season 5

The cast of Season 5 of The Family Business is a mix of people from past seasons and some new people. Here are some of the most influential people who will be in this season.

  • Javicia Leslie plays Paris Duncan
  • Miguel A. Nez Jr. plays Harris Grant
  • Armand Assante plays Sal Dash
  • Darrin Henson plays Orlando Duncan
  • Emilio Rivera plays Alejandro Zuniga
  • Dylan Weber plays Nevada Duncan
  •  Sean Ringgold plays Junior Duncan
  • Arrington Foster plays Rio Duncan
  • KJ Smith plays Sasha Duncan

Expected Storyline

The fifth season of The Family Business will continue where the fourth season ended. After the death of LC Duncan, the family’s father, the Duncan family is in a mess. Orlando, his son, now runs the family business and works hard to ensure it stays in good shape. But his brothers and sisters have their thoughts, sometimes matching with Orlando’s.

In the following season, the family will fight for power and deal with problems while trying to hide their illegal activities. In season 5 of the show, which is known for them, there will be more plot turns and cliffhangers. The show’s author said that the next season will have the most action, drama, and suspense.


As we’ve seen, there needs to be news from the production side about making a video for The Family Business Season 5. So, you can’t watch the official clip for the TV show. You can now view the previous season’s video.


Fans of the show can’t wait for season 5 of Family Business. The show has become a staple of BET’s lineup because of its exciting plot, skilled cast, and focus on family and loyalty. As the Duncans try to survive in the dangerous world of organized crime, the following season should have even more action and drama.


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