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Fortnite Apple Battle: Fighting For All Developers and Admits it Wanted a Special Deal

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Katherine Forrest started the opening statement for Epic Games in its battle against Apple in a California court. She blasted the iPhone maker, gave the name monopolist, and held app makers hostage to its licensing terms and conditions.
They are taking up to 30 % off subscription and sales without explicitly. She revealed the potential hypocrisy when asked a benign question of Epic CEO Tim Sweeney.

Sweeney sent emails to Apple executives in summer 2020 and asking them to allow his company to offer its own app for iPhones. Apple has allowed app developers to offer iPad and iPhone users programs by submitting apps to its store, where they go under review before being offered for sale and free.

Apple demands all app developers use its payment processing service. If they really want to sell subscriptions or in-app items like a new look for a character.

Sweeney appeared to be seeking a separate and special deal with Apple that did not fit with the company’s blustery lawsuit. Epic is suing for change not for itself but for developers.


she added the market would not be self-correct. It demands the intervention of force, even the largest company in the world. She asked Sweeney whether he had accepted a side deal with apple and get special treatment while other app developers continue losing out. In response, he said Yes, I would have.

Well, that‘s a tough race when Epic has to push the battle against one of the tech’s biggest giants. Its hit Fortnite game was kicked from apple store last year; it happened because they broke Apple’s rules against using alternative payment processing.

These processes and app rules are important for the company. It helps to stand out from Google’s competing and widely used Android software that allows sideloading apps and alternative app stores.

The outcomes can change everything about how Apple’s App Store and Google play store works. Apple can force to disagree with the concerns over app security and allowing alternative app stores and payment processing into its devices. The experts see the case as a first look at how antitrust kaws could apply to tech giants.


What is the legal battle between Fortnite and Apple about?

The legal battle centers around the 30% commission Apple charges developers for in-app purchases through its App Store. Epic Games, the developer of Fortnite, alleges that Apple's App Store policies are monopolistic and anti-competitive.

Why is the legal battle important for all app developers?

The legal battle has far-reaching implications for all app developers, as it questions Apple's control over its App Store and the fees it charges developers. The outcome of this case could reshape the app market and how app developers interact with the platforms they use to distribute their products.

What special deal did Epic Games want from Apple?

Epic Games acknowledged that it sought a special deal with Apple, which could weaken its argument that Apple's policies are unfair and anti-competitive. The details of the particular agreement have yet to be disclosed.

How long has the legal battle been going on?

The legal battle between Fortnite and Apple started in August 2020 and is still ongoing.

What are the potential outcomes of the legal battle?

The outcome of the legal battle is uncertain. If Epic Games wins the lawsuit, it could open the app market to more competition and reduce Apple's control over the industry. However, if Apple wins, it could reinforce its app market control and continue charging developers the 30% commission.


The article emphasizes that this legal battle is not just about Fortnite and Apple, but it’s about the more significant issue of big tech companies’ power over the app market. The outcome of this case could reshape the app market and how app developers interact with the platforms they use to distribute their products.

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