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Sissy Sheridan Tiktok Star made it to Hollywood Television

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How amazing it is when your favorite social media influencer suddenly appears on the American TV Channel, Yes it is the biggest achievement for 18 years old Tiktok star, and you receive endless inspiration to do something for achieving your dreams?

Sissy Sheridan –a young TikToker and Social Media Influencers with approximately 5.5 million followers, is the real example. After Paul Zimmer, Chase Hudson, Trisha Paytas, to Marina Joyce, Social media apps like Youtube and TikTok have brought many talents to the real screen. Now the world is closer to those who deserve attention!

Sissy Sheridan’s hard work and zero-controversy profile is the real reason that brought her to the television industry. Therefore, she has landed some pretty clean profile and high-paying roles in Netflix’s web series as well as DIY With Me on Nickelodeon.

When people grab the audience’s attention on apps like TikTok, they have a desire to become a real star someday. Fortunately, in the case of Sissy Sheridan, that day has come already. The young-year-old TikTok Star, who started her journey from Tiktok, has appeared in eight movies and television series on Amazon Prime, Netflix, and American Television.

You will know some rare facts about Sissy Sheridan, and what does she say is behind her success? So, Are you excited to learn this rising star at a closer level? Let’s have a glimpse of Sissy Sheridan:

Who is Sissy Sheridan” SS”?


Sissy Sheridan

Sissy Sheridan is not only a Tiktoker. She is one of the top most talented actresses in the U.S. In the past few years, she got a chance to work closely with famous Hollywood actresses such as Emma Stone and with Jonah Hill in Crazy Person Netflix’s original web series. She started performing on-stage theatres and small screens from a very young age. Today, she is a strong celebrity personality among the youth globally.

Quick facts about Sissy Sheridan:

Full Name: Sissy Sheridan

Birth Place: Washington DC

Date of Birth: 15th June 2004

Horoscope: Leo

Height: 5’4″ or 163 cm

Weight: 57 kg or 126 lbs

Eye Color: Green

Hair Color: Blonde

Apart from this, there’s so much about this charming actress and model that you may not know. So, let’s begin our list of top 8 facts about Sissy Sheridan that no one tells you!

Sissy’s Education


In 2022, Sissy Sheridan will turn 18. and it’s indeed no surprise that she is still in school. She currently finished her high school diploma. According to her plans, she is not interested in education anymore. Because Sissy does not only have a desire to hold onto her place in Hollywood, but she also takes a high-end interest in being a successful YouTuber. She has already been working on it for the past few years; she has officially recorded and uploaded three music videos on Youtube.

Sissy’s Personal Life

Sissy Sheridan

Every human has experienced some harsh realities of life, tragedies, breakups, and heartbreaks on this Earth. But, when it comes to Sissy, her love disappears for Miles. Until the mid of 2020, the duo was doing great. They shared many lives with their fans on Instagram together. But, suddenly, Sissy informed her viewers that she was going to do something that she would regret?

Well! According to the rumors, she caught Miles cheating on her with her other friend. After finding out, Miss. Sheridan tweeted on her profile that “maybe I have something for cheaters.” This tweet made it crystal clear that the couple had separated their ways.

Hence, her fans are considering that she is giving a lot of time to create unique content for Tiktok and Youtube; here’s a glimpse of her outstanding work you must watch.


Odd Man Rush as Layla (2020)

Sissy Sheridan: who me? as Sissy (2020)

The Catcher as Sabrina (2019)

Homeless Bound as Charlotte (2018)

Paper Airplanes as Sam (2016)

Television series

Raven’s Home as Layla (2020)

Chicken Girls as Angie (2018)

People Magazine Investigates as Asley Pond (2018)

Maniac as Asia/Milgrim Kid (20180

Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt as Theater Kid (2018)

Mozart in the Jungle as Hailey’s music classmate (2018)

For My Man as Rebeca J. Rose (2018)

Sissy Sheridan hot

Sissy Sheridan


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