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10+Must-See Cannabis Documentaries

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Documentaries are a great option to learn about a topic and dive deeper into it. There are some documentaries about cannabis that are very informative and helpful for everyone interested in this topic. We have picked up 10 of the best films for you. 

The main goal of a documentary is to reveal and show the truth. A good movie can change how you see the world. However, every documentary is individual because it is based on more than facts.

They also deliver the motive of a director. The next ten films show cannabis from various perspectives and give the word to scientists, doctors, smokers, and politicians. They deliver a fair overview of such a popular plant and tell a lot of information about various strains like the Gelonade strain

Grass Is Greener

Marijuana appeared in the US in the 1900s in New Orleans, Louisiana, and El Paso, Texas. It became popular among Americans’ black and Mexican people. Marijuana started to change America’s culture and nightlife.

At the same time, a real war against cannabis was started. The documentary is available on Netflix. It tells about the origins of cannabis in the US. 

The history reveals stories of such personalities as Bob Marley, Louis Armstrong, Duke Ellington, Snoop Dogg, and many others. Music is a key aspect of this movie. Another significant moment is the war on drugs, which is well-presented and has many exciting debates.

The Culture High

This documentary provides a look at today’s situations and issues around cannabis and the industry. We can see various interviews and many broken stereotypes, and these interviews show the truth and the motives of people who want to prohibit cannabis. If you are looking for interviews, it is one of the best movies to choose from. The Culture High

Super High Me

This documentary by Michael Blieden is a parody of “Super Size Me” by stand-up comedian Doug Benson. It is one of the funniest documentaries about cannabis you can find. This film tells us a story about consuming cannabis for 30 days without a stop and taking numerous tests to see the effects on the organism and mental health. Before this experiment, Benson abstained for a month. 


This documentary was released in 2011 and directed by Rod Pitman. A NORML Life shows the legalization process of marijuana in the US. The situation isn’t relevant to modern days, but it shows what it was like before it became legal.

This documentary shows historic and precious information about how things were. A NORMAL life contains interviews with experts in the industry, and they discuss the positive effects of cannabis and its benefits. You should watch this movie if you prefer the experts’ point of view on this issue. 

The Union: The Business Behind Getting High

This film was directed in 2007 by Brett Harvey. It is one of the most informative documentaries about cannabis in history. Its uniqueness is in its business-focused idea.

Filmmakers look at the development, sale, and trafficking of the cannabis industry and show how it is possible to exist. The Union shows the illegal market by interviewing growers, psychologists, doctors, politicians, and celebrities to reveal the truth about the industry. The movie answers many questions about cannabis and provides a unique view of the market.

Weed the People

It is a film from 2018 and directed by Abby Epstein. Weed the People is a film about medical marijuana where directors looked at the problem of the vitality of medical marijuana, describing the life-saving benefits of cannabis.

The documentary shows us real stories of families saved by medical marijuana. It explains how medical cannabis is used to help treat conditions of patients with numerous illnesses. It dives into the issue of human rights surrounding treatment and shows how far you can go for a cure. Weed the People

Clearing the Smoke: The Science of Cannabis

This movie was directed in 2011 by Anna Rau, and it is a perfect documentary to learn more about the science behind cannabis. Clearing the smoke illustrates how cannabis works and what conditions of illness it can be used to treat.

The film tells us personal stories and the results of research done by scientists across the country. It reveals the truth about how cannabis interacts with our brains and body. It is a brilliant addition to the cannabis conversation that provides an expert look into cannabis medical science.

The Legend of 420

This documentary shows all the controversies related to recreational cannabis use. The Legend of 420 shows how marijuana was treated in the US and labelled dangerous and demonized by many people. The Legend of 420 provides a fascinating story about the war against marijuana. The last part of the film shows the cannabis entrepreneurs and their products. 

The Emperor of Hemp

This documentary explores the inspiring story of Doug Fine, a hemp entrepreneur who fought against the government’s restrictions on hemp cultivation, the history of hemp, and its potential for environmental sustainability and economic development.

GrassRoots: The Cannabis Revolution 

This film by Dale Beaumont-Brown tells the story of thirty-year-old Clark French, who suffers from multiple sclerosis. He uses medical cannabis to fight the symptoms, and because of this, he regularly has conflicts with the law. It is a simple and interesting documentary that represents the lives of ordinary people with a lot of courage.

When We Grow, This is What We Can Do

In this film by Seth Finegold, you can see many aspects of cannabis history – from industrial hemp to medical use. This documentary is similar to The Union that we have already mentioned.

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