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Tips And Tricks To Mix The Kratom Powder With Drinks

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You are considering mixing kratom powder with the drink of your choice to enjoy its pleasant taste. But do you know which drink to select for the best experience? Selecting the best combination of kratom drinks can be quite daunting because sometimes it is difficult to mix kratom powder with certain liquids. You need not worry anymore. Here we have come up with the tips and tricks for mixing the kratom powder with drinks.


 Water is the foremost choice for a kratom drink mix. Kratom comes with a little bitter taste, and water cannot mask it all. But if the bitter taste is not an issue for you, water is an excellent choice. A good kratom water experience requires warm water or water at room temperature. You have to take a spoonful of kratom powder, like red Vietnam kratom powder, and mix it in a glass of water. Before stirring it with the spoon, let it sit for a few minutes. The other way is to mix the spoonful of kratom powder into a half-filled water bottle, close the bottle and then shake. A little bubbling or foam might occur. This method is considered the fastest for kratom drink mixing. 


 You need to be cautious while mixing kratom powder with soda as it can lead to bloating or nausea. But with the help of a few tips, you can give yourself a pleasant kratom drink experience. Mix the soda and kratom in a glass. Let the kratom sit and give it some time for the reaction to happen fully. Allow the carbon dioxide to escape as much as possible. Mix three to four times thoroughly and drink it after a few minutes. You can either consume the foam or remove it. Allowing the kratom to sit makes it possible to eliminate the CO2 glass instead of going into your stomach. The last step is to fill a large cup halfway with soda. 

Kratom Powder

Juice And Milk

 Many people favor the idea of mixing kratom with juice to get the maximum benefit out of it. Citrus is a potentiator, so it can be a bit more tricky to consume the juice, but you can follow some guidelines to relish its taste. It is advisable to wait for some time if you are pouring juice directly out of the bottle in the fridge. Pour it into a glass, and wait for a few minutes. Then put kratom powder of any strain like Red Vein Maeng Da Kratom powder on the top of the juice in the glass, and wait for a few minutes again. Now, stir it and drink it.  

The process of milk and kratom is quite the same if you are considering drinking it with milk. But here comes the huge difference: Milk is not a potentiator. And not everyone can digest milk. So, it all depends on your preferences and which combination you want to enjoy.  

 To sum it up

 Explore the combinations of various drinks with kratom and make the experience enjoyable. Life is full of adventure, and it’s time to add kratom to this list. Navigate through the above-mentioned kratom drink mixes and soothe your taste buds. 

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