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Harlan’s Journey with the Umbrella Academy

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The Umbrella Academy” is a dark and quirky superhero series that follows a dysfunctional family of adopted siblings with extraordinary abilities. It centers on a dysfunctional family of adopted sibling superheroes who reach together to solve the mystery of their father’s ending and the threat of a forthcoming apocalypse. 

The series was created for Netflix by Steve Blackman and developed by Jeremy Slater. A non-verbal boy with an unidentified disease, Harlan Cooper—also known by the alias Lester Pocket—became close to Vanya Hargreeves after being taken in by Sissy and Carl when Sissy hit him with her car.

In his sorrow at Sissy’s passing, Harlan unintentionally set in motion events that led to the Sparrow Academy timeline and a Grandfather paradox that ultimately led to the Kugelblitz.

The Umbrella Academy’s parents were slain by Harlan before the team was ever born, along with 27 other moms of the 43 children who were accidentally born at the same time. 

Role of Harlan in umbrella Academy?Harlan's Journey with the Umbrella Academy

Season two of The Umbrella Academy featured the opening of several new characters, including young Harlan Cooper, who possessed exceptional abilities. Harlan is considerably more unpredictable due to his autism. He might be more likely to use his power because of his weakness and inability to communicate, as the season 2 finale suggested.

Harlan and Viktor become fast friends when Viktor joins the Cooper family. Harlan is comforted by Viktor’s presence and finds peace in their conversations. Harlan’s mother and Viktor disagree about Harlan and his relationship with Viktor, causing Harlan to run away and end up at the lake. Sadly, he ends up drowning, but luckily, Vanya is there to perform CPR.

Viktor, determined to save Harlan, uses his powers to part the water and bring Harlan back to the surface. He tries to revive Harlan through CPR, but all hope is lost. However, as Viktor provides mouth-to-mouth resuscitation, some glowing particles from Viktor’s mouth enter Harlan’s, bringing him back to life. Harlan begins coughing and breathing again just as Sissy arrives on the scene.

Harlan soon starts showing strange abilities, which catch the attention of the Temps Commission’s Infinite Switchboard. Viktor also begins having visions of Harlan screaming for help. The Umbrella Academy rallies together to help Harlan, who is struggling to control his newfound powers. With their help, Harlan learns to control and harness his abilities.

During a heated battle between the Commission and the Umbrella Academy, the Umbrella Academy emerged victorious. After the dust has settled, Viktor approaches Harlan with an important message. He tells Harlan that he can take back the energy he gave him, thus restoring him to a normal child without any special abilities. Harlan agrees, and Viktor successfully takes back the power.

As Harlan sets off on a new journey with his mother, he discovers that he still has a few of his abilities left. While playing with a toy in the car, Harlan uses his telekinetic powers to float it above his hand. Although it’s a small indication of his powers, it brings a smile to his face and adds a touch of excitement to his new life.

Harlan’s Level of Influence

Harlan was an influence or repel of items by sound absorption, a skill usually attributed to Diego. His shotgun accidentally fired in Harlan’s direction while his parents argued, but he showed off his skills by deflecting the bullet straight into his father’s chest.

Harlan’s abilities appeared to charge when Vanya was subjected to torture by the FBI because they thought she was a Russian agent. Following his father’s experience, Harlan lost all self-control and appeared to demonstrate an enhanced version of Vanya’s abilities. They had a telepathic connection, which is why he could sense her suffering.

Then, Harlan released a continuous discharge of sonic energy at the family farm, trapping him in the middle of an energy shield. Even though Vanya still had not fully mastered her talent, Harlan’s powers appeared to be much more erratic, giving the impression that he had greater strength.

Relationship between Harlan and the timeline varies

One of the sad plot lines in season three of The Umbrella Academy is Harlan’s tale. Viktor learns from Harlan that he is really to blame for the grandfather paradox and the kugelblitz. When he lost control of his abilities in the hospital, he attempted to contact the Academy but instead made contact with their mothers. He killed them all unintentionally because of how strong the link was.

What does Harlan need from Viktor?

The strategy to keep Harlan safe by removing Viktor from his life backfired, as we discover in an upsetting turn of events. Instead, it left Sissy and her dominant kid by themselves. In a sequence of flashbacks, we learn that as he grows up, the duo has to travel about continuously to keep him from being found.

Harlan had lived a whole life and even lost Sissy in what for, Viktor has only been a few days. In Oakland during the 1980s, the lady Viktor loved tragically passed away from cancer. As Harlan continues to live his life, he eventually begins to use the name Lester Pocket. Naturally, Harlan is the older man who is humming along to music when we first meet him in the first episode of the season.

How did Harlan die?Harlan Umbrella Academy

He was able to communicate with The Umbrella Academy’s mothers because he could feel other people with unique abilities. Because of the spike in Harlan’s abilities, they were all ultimately murdered.

In Season 3, Allison, the sister of Viktor, ultimately causes Harlan’s death. Allison kills Harlan after realizing that he is to blame for the time paradox and the disappearance of her daughter Claire.

She disposes of Harlan’s umbrella academy after murdering him and gives him to the Sparrows, who are after him because he had slain Jayme and Alphonso. So, in Season 3, Harlan eventually meets a horrible end.

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