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The Legacy of Colt 45 Lyrics in Hip-Hop

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In the 1990s, when big-name rappers like Biggie, Tupac, and Snoop Dogg were used in ads targeting African American youth, malt liquor products like Colt 45 became closely associated with hip-hop music. This was the case for rapper Afroman and his hit single “Crazy Rap,” also known as “Colt 45 and 2 Zig-Zags.”

Afroman’s song details his love for Colt 45 and the cigarette rolling paper, Zig-Zags, which are commonly used for rolling marijuana joints. Despite not reaching the same level of success as his previous work, “Crazy Rap” still made its way into the UK’s top 10 charts and became a staple in European music.

The music video for “Crazy Rap” takes place in front of a liquor store in LA, where Afroman dances and tells his story to his friends while surrounded by onlookers. He raps about the various scenarios in his life, including being chased, riding in a car, and having sexual encounters with women – including a green-haired transgender woman and one who he cheated on with her boyfriend’s girlfriend. The final moments pay homage to the classic rap song “Rapper’s Delight.”

The Story of Afroman’s ‘Crazy Rap’ colt 45

In front of a liquor store in LA, Afroman shows in the video relating his narrative to his buddies while dancing and crip walking to the music with them and other onlookers. Additionally, it depicts him in the various scenarios he describes, such as being chased by a klansman, riding in a car, and having numerous sexual encounters with women.

Some of these include a green-haired transgender woman from Hollywood, California, and another who he initially seems unable to please before her boyfriend walks in and brutally beats Afroman as retaliation for having an affair with his girlfriend. The final sentence pays tribute to “Rapper’s Delight.”

Why did Afroman write colt 45 lyrics?afroman colt 45 lyrics

Afroman sings in the song Crazy Rap (Colt 45 lyrics and 2 Zig-Zags) about all the sexual encounters he is had, boasting about them all while using humorous verses to make light of the difficulties they occasionally caused him.

The song does begin with a joke, which immediately establishes the tone: Afroman wants to have a good time with his buddies while telling dirty jokes about the girlfriends he has.

While Zig Zags are the rolling papers used to smoke marijuana, Colt 45 is the name of Booze. So the meaning of the title is crystal clear: all I need right now is to drink, smoke, and rap dirty, obscene material.

How did Afroman start his career?

In the eighth grade, Afroman started making home recordings of songs and selling them to his peers. “The first video I created was about my eighth-grade lecturer,” he once said. I created this song about her, and it sold around 400 copies; it was selling to professors, students, and just about everyone. “She got me kicked out of school for sagging my pants, which was a huge issue back then.

And I understood that even though I was not at school, I was still there because my song was there. They would all stop by my place to tell me how awesome they thought the melody was. At an early age, Foreman also gave a musical performance in his church, playing the guitar and the drums.

After releasing his debut album, My Fro-philosophy, in 1998, Afroman moved to Hattiesburg, Mississippi, where he became friends with producer Tim Ramenofsky, drummer Jody Stallone, pianist Darrell Havard, and bassist Darrell Havard.

What made Afroman famous?

Afroman is the stage name of Joseph Edgar Foreman, an American rapper, singer, songwriter, comedian, and musician born on July 28, 1974. He is most known for the songs “Because I Got High” and “Crazy Rap,” which were included on his album The Good Times and published in 2000 and 2001, respectively. The hip-hop singer known professionally as Afroman, who nominates for a Grammy, has a personality to match his flamboyant wardrobe.

Most famous albums of Afroman

If you want to listen to him, these are the most famous albums of the Afroman.

  • Because I Got High

This song debuted as the jay, Silent Bob Strike Back movie’s theme song and later appeared in the films Disturbia, A Thousand Words, The Perfect Score, and the Snowpiercer television series.

Afroman joined Universal Records after this single’s success led to his signing. It is neither a song in favor of marijuana nor against drugs. He wrote it as a simple, amusing tune for his pals. The lyrics make it clear that marijuana has no positive effects on him.

  • The good times

The Good Times is rapper Afroman’s fourth studio album. He is from Mississippi. It was published following the signing of his record contract with Universal Records and added songs from his earlier indie albums.

It includes his other well-known songs from his two albums and two big singles, “Because I Got High” and “Crazy Rap.” A number of the songs on the CD are about growing up in East Palmdale’s slum. The RIAA granted the album a gold certification in the US on October 24, 2001.

  • A Colt 45 Christmas

A Colt 45 lyrics The seventh studio album by Afroman is titled Christmas. There are tracks in it that are all parodies of holiday music. Sexuality, crime, and drugs—especially marijuana and alcohol—are common themes.

colt 45

Nobody anticipated Afroman to go total Bing Crosby and sing Christian rhymes. But he goes beyond clumsy “Ho-ho-ho” double entendres and directs his attention toward the kind of lines that even one-handed writing would avoid for decency’s sake.

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