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4 Email Marketing Strategies for your Retail Store this Holiday Season

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If there’s one thing about the holidays that everyone looks forward to, it’s shopping! From getting presents for our loved ones to treating ourselves to that little extra holiday cheer, there’s nothing like some retail therapy during this festive time! 

And for retail stores everywhere, it’s the perfect opportunity to bank on in and make some extra sales! Of course, with retail stores popping up on every street and corner, the competition is rampant – and that means pulling out all the stops when it comes to marketing.

And what better marketing avenue to turn to than email? It’s classic, it has unlimited reach, and it’s the perfect combination of visual and text, helping you create and deliver holiday season marketing campaigns that are effective and conversion-driven.

Curious? Here’s how you can maximize your retail store’s sales this holiday season with email marketing:

1. Pay Attention to your Subject Line

The subject line of an email is pretty much the first thing that your recipient will see, so it’s important to make it catchy and attractive, so your email is actually opened! Yes, that’s right – just because your email reached the intended inbox doesn’t mean it’ll actually be opened.

In fact, with the increasing use of email for communications and marketing, people are increasingly selective about what to open and what to skip, making it all the more important to get their attention from the get-go. 

While the exact nature of your subject line will depend on the contents of your email, some good measures to practice are including the name of the recipient in the subject line, adding a time-sensitive date, or mentioning some sort of an offer or deal. Not only will this help draw in email recipients but also potential customers. 

2. Customize for Holiday Cheer

One of the best things about the holidays is getting to see holiday-themed products and marketing everywhere, and customizing your email to fit the holiday theme will only make it that much more attractive! 

And if you’re someone that doesn’t have the best creative eye, then you can just use a Christmas email template via PosterMyWall! Not only is the platform easy to use, but it also has dozens of template options that you can customize and edit to your heart’s desire. 

And the best part? You won’t have to spend any extra dimes on jazzing up your email – you can do it all for free!

3. Add GIFs

After the open rate, the next metric to look for when tracking your email campaign’s success is the click or conversion rate – that means how many people actually interacted with a link in your email and were redirected to your sales page. 

While writing compelling copy and adding visuals helps drive this metric, adding GIFs to your email pushes it up significantly. In fact, not only are people likely to interact with your email, but they’ll also remember it as standing out from the tens of other emails that they went through that day – solidifying your email marketing campaign in their minds. 

As for the nature of the GIF, it can be just about anything. Since you’re sticking to the holiday theme, you can go for holiday GIFs – classic holiday movies, decorating GIFs, or gift-buying ones are just some of the ideas that you can play around with! 

4. Be Consistent

The most important strategy when it comes to email marketing is the practice of being consistent. Sending out only one email – no matter how brilliantly written – will falter in bringing about the results that your retail store is looking for during the holiday season. 

Instead, people like to be sent periodic reminders, and it’s only after we’ve been exposed to something multiple times that it cements itself in our memory – and so your email marketing campaign should consist of multiple emails and not just one. 

A good rule to go by is to send about three reminder emails on the subject within a period of seven to ten days. Of course, be sure to add some new content in each, so your recipients are bored by repetition and to really highlight the best deals or sales that your retail store is offering. 

So, if you’re looking to push up your retail store’s sales during the holiday season, then these email marketing tricks are your go-to. Just be sure to bring your own creativity to the campaign and really let your retail store shine through!  

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