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Who is yayasvibe? Bio, Personal Details & Facts you need to know

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Yayasvibe is a famous Twitter account that has gained notoriety on various sites. Its notorious content has also been in infamy on TikTok. A big breakout has been seen in its followers as it uploaded videos of Not Safe For Work (NSFW).

The Twitter account was suspended after the spread of videos on social media. His account is unable to trace on TikTok in starting, but TikTok users did not stop discussing it. This account gained the least appreciation from the various platform of social media.


Some days before, Yayasvibe’s account leaked a video that was against the Twitter rules; hence the account was suspended. Before this event, he had 376 followers with 1k likes on TikTok, but now his TikTok account is suspended due to viral videos.

The leaked video was about a girl who was a juvenile. Due to her young age, the content was not accepted by Twitter, and the targeted account faced acrimony from Twitter gildings. The background and the people in the video were unable to trace in the starting.

Yayasvibe’s confirmed personal information like real name and age is still missing and away from our sources. Some details are saved on the Twitter rule-breaker, but they are not displaced. According to past reports, there is much crucial information that is not exposed. There were only four tweets on the account.

Personal details of @yayasvibe

According to the recent approach about her bio, she expressed herself as the wife of singer Niall Horan and the best friend of Louis Tomlinson. Further, she looks like a Spanish teenage high school girl. In addition, it shows that she belongs to a Spanish family. In the video, it seems like that she is in the school bathroom with her friend and doing nasty things. There is no data about her siblings.


What does Yayasvibe do for a living?

Yayasvibe is a popular Twitter and Tiktok account that is currently popular on the internet. Videos from the accounts were shared on social media, but they can no longer be seen. On social media networks, the content has been called sexy and not appropriate. She's never told anyone what her real name is. Right now, all of her accounts have been shut down because they had inappropriate content.

Who Is @yayasvibe On TikTok?

@yayasvibe is hard to find on TikTok right now.
Even so, the account hasn't been able to get away from the conversations between TikTok users. It's likely that the account is now one of the least liked on any social media site, including TikTok.

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