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The peak of the creator financial system (Gumroad Ceo Patreon Substackkonstantinovic)

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Gumroad CEO and co-founder Sahil Lavingia announced that the company acquired Patreon, a membership platform that allows creators to run their subscription businesses. Lavingia said that the two companies share a mission of empowering creators and providing them with the tools they require to succeed on their terms.

Sahil Lavingia has built a business and community of creators who are passionate about their work and fans. Lavingia said we are excited to welcome them to the Gumroad family and continue our mission of empowering creators in the world. Patreon CEO and co-founder Jack Conte said the two companies are a natural fit and that the acquisition will allow Patreon to accelerate its mission.

Gumroad and Patreon share a vision of a more creator-friendly, where creators can focus on creating and connecting with their fans and not worry about the business side of things. Conte said we are excited to join forces with Gumroad and continue building the best platform for creators. Patreon will continue to operate as a standalone business, and Conte will remain CEO. Gumroad CEO Patreon will invest in Patreon’s growth to expand the international reach of the co-branded business.

The App Store Tax: A Challenge for Creators in the New Creator Economy

The internet arises a new class of creators who can build careers and earn a living by producing and sharing content online. The proliferation of platforms and tools that allow anyone to create and distribute content to a global audience has made a new creator economy possible. However, this new creator economy is not without its challenges. The app store tax is one of the biggest challenges facing creators today.

App store taxes refer to the 30% cut that Apple and Google take from all in-app purchases made on their respective platforms. It includes buying digital goods and services, such as subscriptions to content creators on Gumroad CEO Patreon. This 30% tax will likely reduce the revenue of content creators who use these platforms to reach their audience.

In some cases, the app store tax can take away more than half the revenue of a content creator. The app store tax is the biggest reason many content creators turn to alternative platforms, such as Substack, that allow them to keep a share of their revenue.

Find product winning idea

To find a winning product idea, you should isolate the issue that needs to be solved. Once pinpoint a problem, you can use various tools to find potential solutions. You need to validate your idea with potential customers by testing it. Here are some free tools you can use to find winning product ideas:

1. Google Keyword Planner

Google Keyword Planner is a complimentary keyword investigation tool that aids you in finding keywords related to your business and products. You can use it to research keywords for your website, blog, or online store. You can also operate it to encounter keywords for your ads.

2. Alibaba Hot Products

Alibaba Hot Products is a great way to find winning products to sell online. It helps you identify popular products that are selling well. It is a great way to start your online business or to find new products to add to your existing inventory.

3. eBay Pulse

eBay Pulse is a great way to find out what items are selling well on eBay. You can use this tool to research things you want to sell.

4. Ali Express Popular Searches

The Ali Express Popular Searches tool allows users to see what products are popular on the Ali Express website. It can help find winning products to sell, as it gives the idea of what products are in demand.

5. Amazon Best Seller

The Amazon Best Sellers list is a great way to find winning products. It is a list of the most popular items on Amazon, updated hourly. You can use it to find good-selling products and get ideas for new products.

6. Google Trends

Google Trends can help you to seek out the winning product by allowing you to research and compare the popularity of different products over time. It can help you to identify which products are currently trending and which one has the potential to be popular in the future.

Also, you can use Google Trends to compare the popularity of different products across different regions, which can help you to identify which products are famous in certain areas and target your marketing efforts accordingly.

7. Quora

Quora is a great platform to find winning products because it permits users to ask queries and get replies from experts in the field. Additionally, users can browse through existing questions and answers to get an idea about popular and well-liked products.

8. Reddit

Reddit is a great platform to use when seeking out winning products. There are many subreddits where people share great products, and the community is always happy to help. You will search for winner products on Reddit. You will find several great options.

The best-paid instruments for product discovery

1. Dropispy

Dropispy is the ultimate product discovery tool, allowing you to find the best products from the top dropshipping suppliers. With Dropispy, you can search for products by keyword and category and get detailed information on each product, including pricing, supplier contact information, and product images.

2. BigSpy

BigSpy is a product discovery tool that allows users to find and compare products from many online retailers. It is a free and easy-to-use tool that provides users with a convenient way to find the best deals on the products they are interested in.

3. Winner Pulse

Winner Pulse is a product discovery platform that can assist you in pausing on top of the latest trends and finding products that are a good fit for your business. With Winner Pulse, you can:

  • Search for products by keyword, category, or price.
  • Filter results by popularity, rating, or release date.
  • Get detailed product information, including reviews and ratings.
  • Add products to your favorites list for later.
  • Share products with your team or customers.
  • Get alerted when new products are released.

If you seek a way to remain on the lid of the latest trends and find products that are a good fit for your business, winner pulse is the perfect solution.

4. Minea

Minea is a product discovery platform that helps you find the best products and deals from around the web. We curate and organize products from top retailers, so you can easily find what you’re searching for and save money.

5. Ads on Social Media Accounts

Amazon advertising is another paid tool that helps you discover which products are selling well on Amazon and which keywords drive the most traffic. Facebook Ads help to research your product and target your audience with laser precision.

Twitter Ads can help you to discover which products are famous on Twitter and which keywords are most engaging. Instagram Ads can help you to target your audience with beautiful visuals and discover which products are most popular. 


Patreon is a platform for creators to earn a living from their work. Gumroad is a service that allows creators to sell their products and services directly to their fans. Gumroad CEO Patreon is an excellent way for creators to connect with their fans and build a sustainable business. Many free and paid instruments you can use to find winning product ideas. However, it is compulsory to note that no single tool is perfect, and the best way to find a winning product idea is to use a combination of different devices.

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