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Talk of the Town: Rebecca and David Muir Wedding, and More!

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Some celebrity sibling became famous due to their romantic relationship, while many select life away from the spotlight. However, their fans are always curious to know what’s happening in their lives. This is the story of famous American Journalist David Muir and his sister Rebecca Muir.

Fans are very anxious to get all about their love life. This is the reason why a hot debate is revolving around the town about the David Muir and Rebeca wedding. Here on this platform, we will provide you with all information about them. Come read with us.

Quick Facts

We will update you about some of the important information about both siblings: Stay with us.

  • Real Name: David Muir, Rebecca Muir
  • Date of Birth: David was born on 8th September 1973, and Rebecca was born in January 1970.
  • Gender: Male (David) and Female (Rebecca)
  • Place of Birth: New York, America
  • Nationality: American
  • Ethnicity: Mixed Irish-English
  • Religion: Christianity
  • Parents: Pat Mills (Mother) and Ronald Muir (Father)
  • Profession: David is a managing editor and an anchor, whereas Rebecca is a professional makeup artist.
  • Marital Status: Married

Early Life and Education

David and Rebecca are well-known faces and siblings in the United States of America. Rebecca is the elder sister of David. Rebecca gained popularity on social media platforms due to her younger brother, David.

However, he is famous as the managing editor of ABC News Network. On the other hand, Rebecca is famous due to her professional makeup artistry.

These siblings are born to Pat Mills and Ronald in New York, America. Their parent divorced each other when the two were very young but fulfilled the responsibilities of their kids as co-parents.

David was born on 8th November 1973, and as of 2024, he will turn 50. Rebecca was born in the early 70s, and she is now in her 54th year as of 2024. Rebecca and David Muir relationship

Professional Journey

David Muir is a great new anchor who knows how to explain societal issues to the community with clarity. He can explain and address civilization issues concisely. He did his first job in 1994 for WTVH television as a reporter.

He was working then as a part of the Tel Aviv team and Jerusalem and Gaza in Palestine. For many years, David has been working for several TV news companies as a reporter and anchor.

His working stations include ABC News and WCVB News, where David reported as an anchor for years. However, his sister Rebecca is a professional makeup artist.

She became famous for being David Muir’s elder sister. Rebecca also did farming along with her activities as a makeup artist. She has her farm in New York City, where she grows vegetables, including heirloom mushrooms.

David and Rebecca Muir’s Relationship

The personal lives of both siblings are now the topic of discussion in the town. David has had a few relations in the past with people he loves. However, he has not officially announced any relationship with anyone.

Meanwhile, his sister Rebecca declared her marriage to a boy named Richard Malcolm. Her husband Richard worked as a general manager with Mirbeau Inn & Spa Skaneateles.

Rebecca has four kids: Beryl Malcolm, Brahm, Morel, and Finan. At first, Rebecca was likely to marry Stephen Perron; later, it was declared a rumor. Unluckily, Rebecca and David have not updated their wedding photos on any social media.

However, David has been featured at some point in several celebrity marriages, including the wedding pictures of former President George Bush’s daughter.

David and Rebecca Muir’s Wedding

David Muir and Rebecca Muir exchanged vows on 5th October in the presence of their family and friends in Yorkville, Illinois. Both met for the first time when they got the job as a manager in a fashion company in Chicago. Later, in 2013, they shifted to Yorkville and spent most of their time in the community.

Her mother set her tour through California to attend their celebrations. Moreover, from David’s side, his brother, sister-in-law, nephews, nieces, both respective families, and other close friends and relatives attend the wedding.

They decorated their home with flowers and thousands of blinking lights to add glamour to the event. Furthermore, they added fall colors and lights strategically in the garden and roadways.

When the ceremony summed up, it was presided over by the Reverend Jenifer McAllister (David’s sister), and the newly wedded couple had a party under the stars with a celebration meal. The party was followed by the couple dancing all night till the wee hours of the morning.

During their stay at the destination, all the guests were amazed by the couple’s different surprises. These surprises include champagne-topped pancakes served for breakfast in the morning and candy cornflakes that are served to each other rooms at midnight.

David and Rebecca’s wedding was an amazing pleasure for all. It was the combination of love, laughter, and a good time spent with family and friends from start to end. Rebecca and David Muir Wedding

Who is David Muir Dating Now?

Indeed, though a lot of media issues are curious about David Muir’s wifey or confidential life, the reporter constantly stays out of the spotlight and doesn’t expose the effects of his romantic stories.

He’s believed to be in a connection with a guy called Sean, the managing director of a swimwear brand known as Aussie Bum. Some sources also indicate that they were formerly married. Yet, information about where and when the two got married needs to be published.

David has also been romantically connected to Gio Benetiz, his fellow intelligencer and coworker at ABC News. Their alleged association was grounded on the fact that they spent too much time simultaneously, after which they participated in their moments through Filmland on social media.

Also, the two were caught several times holding hands both in gay bars and in public. Still, the rumors were dismissed when Gio wedded Tommy DiDario on 17th September 2015.

Social Media Appearance

As far as his social media is concerned, both siblings updated their status on their social media platforms, especially Instagram. David updates his photos sometimes with Rebecca and sometimes with his friends. He used to update his daily activities on Instagram.

However, Rebecca is also a social media personality who shares her makeup techniques with her followers. Mostly, she shares her experience as a beautician and updates on Instagram. Therefore, she gained a huge fan base, and it is another source of her income.

Net Worth

Rebecca earns a lot from her artistry skills and farming; however, she does not reveal her overall earnings to the general public. According to an estimate, she has a net worth of approximately 1 million dollars as of 2023.

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