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Judith Lorraine Lynch: Ex-Wife of a Serial Killer Gary Ridg!

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Judith Lorraine Lynch is famous as the ex-wife of American serial killer Gary Ridgway. It is not always possible to be recognized for one’s good deeds. However, some people, like Gary, got attention due to their criminal activities.

Therefore, people attached to him got attention in the public eye. He killed almost 70-90 women in 20 years in America. Judith Lorraine gained fame as the third wife who fell in love with a serial killer in America. She is a fashion stylist from New York City. Later, she worked for the Fox TV news channel. Keep scrolling to know more information about her. 

Quick Facts

  •     Full name: Judith Lorraine Lynch
  •     Nickname: Judith Mawson
  •     Date of birth: 1944
  •     Age: 79 years old (as of 2024)
  •     Nationality: American
  •     Partner: Gary Ridgway
  •     Children: Two (Marie Lynch and Rachel Lynch)
  •     Net worth: $2 million as of 2024

Early Life & Family

Judith was born in 1944 in America. She is 79 years old as of 2024. She got her early education from her local school in the USA and completed the early years of her education. She follows the Christian religion.

Moreover, no other details about Lorraine are available besides being the third wife of an American serial killer Gary Ridge. 

Judith Lorraine Lynch early life

Personal Life of Judith Lorraine Lynch

Before getting connected to Gary, Lorraine married a spray painter. The details of Lorraine’s husband were not revealed to the public. However, the couple has three girls. So, she got divorced privately and ended the chapter of her first marriage. Secondly, she married Gary and set up a beautiful and alluring celebration attended by family and friends. 

Judith Lorraine Lynch’s Former Spouse (A Serial Killer)

Larraine got connected with her husband “Gary” in the early 80s. They met several times before dating to get to know each other. Later, they tie themselves in the knot of marriage after six years of dating.

Furthermore, Gary Ridgway is going to celebrate his third marriage with Lorraine. At first, he married her school fellow Claudia Kraig Barrows in 1970. They divorced soon after their marriage.

The second time, he married Marcia Lorene Brown in 1973, and the couple has a son, Matthew. Their union ended in divorce after being together for eight years. They got separated in 1981 due to their personal issues. After his second failure, he waited seven years to marry again for the third time. Then he met Lorraine and got interested in her.

Gary decided to propose to Lorraine in 1986. He established a great and very romantic date plan that brought tears to Lorraine’s eyes. Her style of proposing to Lorraine for a wedding is a very touchy and dreamy setup, leaving her in tears. This time, Lorraine is going to marry for the third time.

Moreover, on 12th June 1988, Lorraine and her husband, Gary Ridgway, married by setting up a private wedding event. It was a gorgeous wedding set up attended by personal family members and friends. Their marriage was equal to their proposal. 

Both the parents of her husband, F Mary Rita Steinman (1928-2001) and M Thomas Newton Ridgway (1923-1998), were also there to attend their son’s wedding. After their reception, the party never ended as Gary planned a honeymoon, and the couple sent off to enjoy their beautiful moments. The couple gave birth to two children, Rachel Lynch and Marie Lynch.

Lorraine divorced Gary for the Crimes

Unfortunately, Gary’s third marriage also followed the same route. Their relationship ended after 13 years of union, and they separated in 2002. Lorraine divorced her due to her crimes.

When she came to know that her husband was a serial killer and killed a woman cruelly, she decided to get separated from this killer, who had killed around 70-90 women in 20 years.

She was caught in tears when she removed the home carpets full of bloodshed. Her husband killed the woman and raped her brutally before killing her. It was a shocking and unbearable incident for Lorraine. After this, she decided to divorce Gary. 

Serial Killer Gary Ridg

Where is Judith Lorraine Lynch Today?

According to Tuko News, Judith Lorraine is alive and living a good lifestyle after getting divorced from her husband. However, she is not revealing her routine activities besides some public appearances. She prefers to live a simple and private life.

She likes to keep away from the social media and public that surrounded her due to her serial killer husband, Gary Ridgway. She explained in some interviews how she reacted to the news her husband created. She was caught in tears while saying that her husband was a cruel man who killed several women heartlessly.

Net Worth

According to Tuko News, Judith Lorraine has an overall wealth of $2 millions as of 2024. 

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