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Jeffree Star Net worth, Career, Biography, and Personal Life

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In all his twists and tricks, Jeffree Star has been taking the glam world by storm with his music and beauty-centric vids. With slipping hot-pink hair and heavily-done eye makeup, Jeffree’s stimulating persona is what’s been the talk of the city for quite some time now! 

From working as a beauty practitioner to now using social media as his stage to show everything that he’s passionate about, Star needs no confirmation to prove his worth as an artist! 

This pop songster has also been in the limelight for songs that go in the contrary direction regarding clichés and gender- conceptions. Not just that, Star’s tone-named YouTube channel has over 3.7 million subscribers going total bonkers over his unembarrassed enthusiasm for makeup and fashion. 

His music vids now stand among the most viewed-with, over 10 million views and counting! If there’s one thing that you can’t miss out on, it’s Jeffree Star and his noble social media fame — go on and soak in his awesomeness!

Jeffree Star

Biography and Body Statistics

After discovering his new plant passion for makeup at the age of 13, he knew that by all means, he demanded to pursue fashion and beauty once he grew up. Doing just that, Star graduated from the academy and worked at makeup counters and indeed advanced his quirky beauty tips to music vids and fashion studies. 

After gaining nearly ten times of experience, effects soon shaped up, giving Star his first center- stage as a makeup schoolteacher and practitioner in seminaries worldwide. 

And not only has his preoccupation led him worldwide as a makeup artist, but it has also motivated Star to produce his formulae of beauty products like camo and eye shadow.

Now as an owner of his veritably own beauty line, Star’s dream of making products that provide everything they claim has hailed him as one of the stylish there is! 

But he has proved that good fashion sense isn’t the only thing he’s blessed with; millions also adore him for his bents as an unembarrassed pop songster!

  • Real Name: Jeffrey Lynn Steininger
  • Date of Birth: 15th November 1985
  • Gender: Male
  • Parents Name: Glen Steininger (Father) and Marra Shubyann Lindstorm Steininger (Mother)
  • Age: 35 years
  • Weight: 173 Kg or 161 lbs
  • Place of Birth: Orange County, California, USA
  • Height: 6.1 feet or 185 cm
  • Eye Color: Dark Brown
  • Hair Color: Black
  • Occupation: Makeup Artist and YouTuber, and Internet celebrity
  • Net Worth: 200 Million dollars
  • Zodiac Sign: Scorpio
  • Boyfriend: Andre Marhold

Jeffree Star

Jeffree Star

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