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 Who Are Hip-Hop and Rapper Artist Blueface’s Mom And Dad?  Everything That You Want To Know

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The hip-hop and rapper artist BlueFace has been the source of many baby and mama dramas throughout many years. Blueface is a family drama that was brought to light in the reality series CixoT: The Real LA Family Blues. In this reality series, his mother, Karissa Saffold, plays a central role. Everyone wants to know who Blueface’s mom and dad are. Let’s talk about all the details.

He had a difficult childhood because of his parents’ separation and custody battles. His relationship with his mother became strained, and an incident was publicized where he kicked her and her younger sister out of his home.

The hip-hop artist Blueface is always staying in the news for something. Once, he was arrested because of an attempted murder in 2022. Another strange incident happened when he showed some naked photos of his baby to ask for advice. His mother, Karissa Saffold, said she lifts her family’s image in the reality series CixoT: The Real La  Family Blues.

Early Life

The date of birth of Blueface is 20th January 1997 in Los Angeles, California. Blueface’s mom and dad had separated, so after some years of living with his mother in the Santa Clarita Valley, he moved with his father to Oakland.

Jonathan went to Aleta High School, where he played in the marching band and also started playing football on the school team. Well, his team led to an East Valley League Championship in 2014, and then he went to play at Fayetteville State University in North Carolina before leaving school in 2016.

Professional life

He started his rapping career in January 2017 under the name Blueface Bleedem. It was based on the School Yard Crips Street gang. Blueface said he discovered this when invited to a friend’s recording session to pick up a phone charger and challenged to a rap battle. As a result, the song’ Deadlocs’ was uploaded to Soundcloud and gained fame.

Blueface released a full-length album titled ‘Famous Cryp’ in June 2018. Dead Locs’ album became popular around Southern California and featured the original version of his single Thotiana.

In a very short time, he became a viral sensation, and the same year, another music video of ‘Respect My Cryppin’ was released, which showed off his unorthodox rapping style. His songs like Next Big Thing and Thotiana got recognition, and after that, he became more successful when he asked on Instagram which high school in Los Angeles he should visit.

Pasadena High School won the contest, and the popularity gained day by day by the end of 2018 when he previewed his new song, ‘Bleed it.’ The same year, he signed with Cash Money West, which is the West Coast branch rapper. blueface Professional Life

Furthermore, he scored the first Billboard Hot 100 charting song with Thotiana in 2019. One of the remixed songs with YG and Cardi B reached the number eight on the chart. Blueface released a music video to his song Stop Cappin that got over five million views on YouTube in the first four days.

The studio album Blueface ‘Find the Beat’ was released in March 2020, and this album featured the appearances of some artists like Gunna, Polo G Jeremih, DaBaby, and many others. This studio album ranked at 64 on the Billboard 200 and peaked at number 39 on the Top R&B/Hip Hop chart.

Blueface Mom And Dad: Karissa Saffold and Jonathan Michael Porter Sr

Blueface has been quiet about his childhood most of the time. After the parents’ separation, many times he shifted between them and also dealt with custody battles. Blueface attended elementary school before moving with his mother to Santa Clarita Valley.

Reports suggest that Jonathan stays out of the limelight, but his son is still close to him. He was living in Oakland, but now his current place is unknown.

On the other hand, Karissa gained fame along with her son because she had been a homemaker since his childhood. She married Sterling Saffold in April 2018 and played football for San Diego, who is a motivational speaker for young athletes.

Karlissa produced the family’s reality series and founded Angelic Fitness in 2020. She is a fitness and Transformational coach for women who want to lose weight. Currently, she lives in Columbus, Ohio, where her relationship with Blueface is complicated.

Blueface kicked his mother and a younger sister, Kali, from his home. When someone asked why, he said my mother was tired from my broke-ass sister freeloading at her house; that’s why she brought her to mine, and I can’t bear this. I already got her an apartment, but that was not enough, and then she wanted my car and other things.

Blueface is also a parent of three children. Blueface was dating Christian Rock, with whom he had a son, in 2023. Before that, he had two children with Jaidyn Alexis, but they’re together. Karlissa has clashed with Blueface’s partners, and now the nude picture of his infant son is the latest argument between Karlissa and Christian. blueface

Boxing Career

Besides his rapping career, Bluefae was also a boxer. He made his debut in the summer of 2021 against TikTok star Kane Trujillo and competed in Bare Knuckle Fighting Championship 19: Ostovich vs.

He defeated him, and after some matches where he alleged domestic abuse against his girlfriend, Blueface was scheduled to fight TikTok star Ed Mathews in London in 2023.

Relationship Status

Everyone knows Blueface’s girlfriend, Jaudn Alexis, a social media influencer. The couple has a son named Jabugam and a daughter named Journey. He wrote his son’s name as a tattoo on his right arm.

No doubt Blueface loved his family but his partner, Alexis, destroyed her car in 2020 when she discovered Blueface cheating on her.  She was Christian Rock who also stole his new car.

Net Worth of Blueface

Blueface owns a home in Chatsworth, California, worth $1.22 million. He sold his house for $1.353 million in August. The American rapper and songwriter has a net worth of $4 million. His most popular music videos are  Thotiana and Respect My Crypn, which are really appreciated.

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