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10 Reasons to Choose Bunny as a Pet

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Are you thinking about getting a pet? Aside from dogs and cats, you might also want to consider bunnies. However, if you haven’t interacted with a bunny before, you might wonder whether this pet choice is right for you. 

Well, it’s good that you are taking your time. 

Getting a pet is a very important decision and one that needs some serious deliberation. After all, you are making a long-term commitment to love and take care of an animal. 

In this article, we will explain why bunnies are one of the best furry companions you could ask for. 

1. Bunnies Are Quiet 

If you live in an apartment or have flatmates, the sounds of your pet can be a concern. Rabbits, however, make little to no noise. This makes bunnies a perfect choice for families and even students. 

This means that you can carry around bunnies anywhere you want. And suppose you want to take your pet to your dorm room. It will create less sound, even if the animal is awake at night. You can do your homework with paper edit or study throughout the night without being disturbed by the cute bunny at all. 

The only thing to be aware of is that rabbits can indeed make sharp noises if they are in pain. 

2. Bunnies Are Easy to Train 

Rabbits require little maintenance. These animals are fast learners, so they quickly adapt to living in a household and using a litter box. There is also no need to give them any specific training. Instead, you can just dedicate a few minutes per day to help them learn their way around your house. 

Mix this with some positive reinforcement, and your rabbit will be able to learn tricks as well. They can run mazes, complete obstacle courses, and plenty more. 

3. Bunnies Have a Strong Personality 

As with most other pet animals, rabbits are also unique and have a sense of individuality. Some are energetic and love to play, while others tend to be more introverted and might prefer relaxing. For this reason, you might want to try spending time with the binny before adopting them. 

If the bunny is too young, you can also spend time with them to help build its personality. That said, regardless of your rabbit’s nature, it will adore you unconditionally. They are generally affectionate and like to interact with people around them. Their companionship can help you manage your stress and anxiety. 

4. Rabbits are Crepuscular

Being crepuscular simply means bunnies are at their best at dawn and dusk. During other times, they sleep or are relatively quiet. But there is no need to assume they are nocturnal. 

Instead, this can be advantageous to pet owners who are most active around this time as well. You will be able to spend quality time with your pet in the morning before you leave your home, and they will be ready to play with you when you return home in the evening. 

5. Bunnies Lead Long Lives 

Given their size, it might be surprising that rabbits tend to live long lives. In fact, with proper diet care, they can live up to 10-12 years. This can be very comforting for pet owners, knowing that you will be able to share a long time together with your pet. 

6. Rabbits Can Be Generally Tidy 

Yes, unarguably, bunnies aren’t cleanest when they haven’t been trained. However, once you get through the training period, you will find that they are generally clean. One thing you need to ensure is that their sleeping area is covered with dry and absorbent bedding. Rabbits might urinate at night, and this will help avoid any mess. 

Furthermore, rabbits themselves like to stay clean, and they will usually groom themselves. Depending on the breed, you will want to brush their hair from time to time. Aside from that, rabbits do not require too much attention in terms of maintenance.Rabbit as pet

7. Bunnies Bond with Owners

Just like dogs and cats, bunnies also tend to develop strong bonds with their owners. You only need to interact regularly with the pet, and they will get to know you too. They will easily recognize you by voice and even follow you around. 

You can also train them to follow commands, such as to come to you when called by name. They can jump on your lap and cuddle, giving you warmth and friendship. This affectionate nature is one of the reasons why bunnies are recommended for anyone, including young students, to help maintain their mental well-being

8. Bunnies Love to Play 

As we mentioned earlier, bunnies are quite intelligent creatures. They can also play games with you, which makes it even more fun to have them around. However, they also get bored easily and need stimulation, very much like humans. And they like to watch TV as they are attracted to moving images. 

Fun fact about rabbits – they have 360-degree sight. This means that rabbits can see all the way around and even above its head. These animals can thus spot objects far away. The only blind spot is around their nose, but it has an excellent sense of smell. 

9. Allergic to Dogs and Cats? Adopt a Rabbit 

Many among us take a step back from owning a pet due to allergies. If you are not allergic to bunny fur, having these little creatures as pets offers the same benefits as having a dog or cat around. 

They are great companions, smart, and even require very little maintenance. Moreover, bunnies take up less space around the house. 

10. Bunnies Need Rescuing Too 

People often consider cats and dogs when looking to rescue a pet. And often, rabbits are abandoned, which means that there are plenty of bunnies waiting for someone to adopt them. 

So, if your main goal is to rescue an animal, why not try a rabbit that is in need of a home?

Choose the Right Bunny Breed 

When choosing a bunny as a pet, make sure that you pick one that is right for you. There are nearly 50 varieties of domestic rabbits, and these vary in size, color, type of fur, body, and ear. Visit your local shelter today, and you will be able to find a variety of pure and mixed-breed rabbits seeking homes. 

Like dogs and cats, some are tiny, while others can weigh as much as 20 pounds. So, you should consider your living arrangement too. For example, if you are planning to take your pet to your dorm room, bear in mind that large bunnies require large cages and thus demand more space. 

Moreover, depending on the breed, the personality trait and the temperament of the rabbit might also change. Therefore, make sure you do sufficient research before setting out to buy a bunny. 

Are You Ready to Choose a Bunny as a Pet?

In a nutshell, rabbits are great pets for families with kids as well as individuals living alone. They provide companionship, get along with other pets, and are easy to care for. If you want a warm, wonderful, and fascinating furry friend, then there is no reason why you shouldn’t consider a bunny. 

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