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What Does Your T-shirt Say About You?

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Yes, you probably have quite a few tees in your closet (or piled up on the chair), but have you ever thought about what they say about you? 

Like it or not, your choices tell people a little about your personality, so whether you love a graphic, caption, or plain tees, friends and strangers will make assumptions.


Curious? Keep reading!


Slogan Tees 

Whether you’re wearing a “We only have one Earth” or “All you need is love” tee, your choice of a slogan communicates a lot about you.

People will know whether you’re an activist, a cynic, a romantic, or a rebel, and they will also assume (correctly) that you like attention. 

Plain Tees

While generally plain tees are too ubiquitous to signal anything specific about a person, the choice of color can tell a thing or two! 

Don’t be afraid to experiment with color for different moods! You can find good plain v neck t-shirts by Fresh Clean Threads that are affordable and very comfortable.

Logo Tees

A logo tee can mean two things – either that you care or that you really don’t. Sporting an expensive brand logo tells everyone where you got your t-shirt and how much you paid for it.  

Wearing a t-shirt with a big logo can also mean that you’re just proud of your fashion choices or want to show support for some independent creators. 

Band Tees

Band tees used to be exclusively sold during tours or at music shops. However, today, every fast-fashion brand has a line dedicated to rock’n’roll and such bands as The Ramones, Nirvana, or AC/DC.

If you love your band t-shirts (original or not), it tells people that you’re probably rebellious at heart and love to fight the status quo. However, if it’s a non-original tee, it can say that you’re simply following current trends.

Sporty Tees 

A sporty tee can mean a few things. Maybe you’re coming back from the gym, embracing the everlasting athleisure trend, or maybe simply appreciating the comforts. 

It can also signal that you’re busy and always on the move and love an active lifestyle. 

Have a favorite shade? Check out what it says to people around you.


Simple, classic, and goes with everything. White tee shows that you appreciate timeless fashion, are practical and don’t need or want to generate too much attention to yourself.


Another timeless color, black never goes out of style and is always a good choice. Black also can signal your mysterious personality or that you’re confident in your power. There is a reason that powerful people in the world, such as Steve Jobs, loved their black turtlenecks and tees! 


Shades of blue are some of the most popular colors out there, and such a tee might say, “I love simplicity and comfort.” People who choose safe options are easygoing and no-nonsense. Blue is also calming and can have such an effect on people around you.


It’s another calming shade, especially if you love darker hues. A green tee might tell people you like being close to nature, are not easily rattled and are a trustworthy person. Some say green also boosts productivity! 


This color shouts, “look at me,” but there’s nothing wrong with that. A red t-shirt will help you stand out from the crowd and may tell people that you’re passionate about life. While red may be a little tricky to style, when done right, it can help express your personality and tell everyone that you’re going to be seen and heard! 


It’s another loud color and a happy one too! Get ready to see people smile more as they will perceive you as joyful and friendly. Orange also energizes the brain and can help motivate people, so it’s a great color to wear for teamwork activities or when you need a boost.

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