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What Are The Tips To Decorate Large Living Rooms?

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Decorating an ample space can pose many challenges, but the biggest one is how to make it cozy and inviting.

A great room or ample space is wonderful for entertaining, but when it comes to everyday living, you want a living room décor that is practical and functional. Here are some tips on how to turn your large living room into a multi-purpose space.

Anchor the Room

A large room filled with small pieces of furniture often feels cluttered, unless there is one central piece that pulls the look together. A large sofa, sectional, or even built-in bookcases will create a focal point so that smaller pieces can be used as accents where necessary. A regional is ideal.

Anchor the Room 2

On those occasions, when you use your lovely, ample space for entertaining, you can rearrange the sectional into small conversational areas. And then change it back to your everyday space for lounging, reading, or watching TV.

Consider trading your coffee table for a large, oversized ottoman. A large seating area can feel empty when there is too much space between the coffee tables and sofa. Big upholstered furniture will fill that gap and add some softness to space.

In the room above, the ottoman adds additional lounging space to the sectional sofa but can be rearranged to serve as a coffee table or extra seating when needed.

Create Zones

With a little touch of inspiration and creativity, you can make a large room into more than just a sitting area. Designate several functional areas in the space: a media zone, space for homework with a writing desk, a game table or console, and a reading area.

All of these uses can exist comfortably in one large space. One way to define zones in your living room décor is to float your sectional sofa in the room and use a console table behind it to create a visual room.

In an extremely large space, you can create two full seating areas. Using a console table, bench, or chaise will delineate the space, but keep the flow between the zones since you can quickly see over these pieces.

Don’t Hug Your Walls

Wall “hugging” – the practice of pushing furniture against the wall – leaves too much open space in the center of your room. It also makes conversation difficult. No one wants to shout across the room.

Pulling the seating away from the walls will give your space a much cozier feel. Don’t worry about empty walls. You can use this space for consoles, buffets, art, benches, or bookcases. Consider some tall, indoor plants to draw the gaze up and accentual high ceiling, if your space has enough light.

Add Layers

Cozy up space with layers: area rugs, pillows, drapes, and baskets as well as upholstered occasional chairs. It will add the texture and sound absorption needed to create inviting, intimate areas in your living room décor.

Bold artwork and accessories are very appropriate in a large room, use one or two to make a statement rather than smaller pieces spread throughout the room. If you don’t have a large chunk of artwork, a gallery wall also works well in this space.

Add Layers

Other Creative Ideas

Here is a list of creative bedroom wall decor ideas for you. Have a look!

  • You can easily decorate your bedroom’s wall with a beautiful wall hanging tapestry. There are different types of wall hanging decorations available in the market, and you can easily buy them according to your wall’s size color and budget as well.
  • Use some DIY wall decor items to give an impressive look to your wall like- tissue paper made flowers, butterflies, and so on.
  • You can make a gallery wall to decorate your bedroom. Use family photo frames to create a gallery wall and arrange your photos in the right manner so that it gives a beautiful look.
  • A mirror is also a unique wall decoration item that can give a gorgeous look to your wall.
  • If you love natural beauty and want to keep yourself near to nature, then you can decorate your bedroom with some potted plants. Potted plants are the best home decor items that can bring a fresh feel into your room.
  • Decorate the wall with photos. It can be old family cards, photos from the last photo-shoot, printed “squares” from Instagram – create a collage that will be interesting to consider.
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