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Top 4 Smart Fridges to Buy for Your Smart Home

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Smart fridge is a relatively new class of devices for the home, the capabilities of which are much wider than ensuring the preservation of food under optimal temperature conditions. Today, in addition to their basic functions, such fridges have interactive touch screen displays, the ability to control its operation via a smartphone, tablet or computer, and the ability to remotely order food online. Some smart fridges let users watch videos and movies, play games at new Zealand, and listen to music.

Which smart fridge to choose for everyday household tasks? Here are the best models that will suit any apartment.

Smart Fridge Features 

Any smart fridge is equipped with powerful stuffing with the support of AI so that the fridge can do the following:

  • Check the shelf life and quantity of food stored inside. To perform this task, the smart fridge unit has a small camera that transmits the image to a central processor for data processing.
  • Download recipes for various meals. The fridge provides its own book of recipes, on the basis of which smart fridges display how to cook certain products. Besides, it is possible to display the information on the display of the construction.
  • Conduct self-diagnostics. The cooling equipment has a special control unit, designed for regular checks of all working components. After a detailed analysis, the system transmits the processed information to the fridge display or the screen of a mobile device. Thanks to the given report, the user can see the list of faults, if any. More expensive models can self-correct some failures.
  • Order missing products. Thanks to the camera, the fridge checks the number of available and missing products, and then sends a report to a food delivery company. 

To make it smart and FUN!

Custom magnets

Custom magnets are a cost-efficient way to decorate your fridge. Magnets with your ideas and designs make your fridge the one and only in the world.

LG Smart InstaView Door-in-Door

At CES 2017, LG introduced the Smart InstaView Door-in-door fridge. LG’s Door-in-door concept calls for a built-in extra door in addition to the main door. This approach simplifies access to frequently used food items such as milk, eggs, and oil. Another important advantage is the reduced consumption of cold air in the main chamber, which keeps food fresh much longer.

The first thing that catches your eye when you get to know this fridge is the huge display on the door. This is not a tablet, as it might seem at first glance, but a 29-inch LCD screen with which you can write text notes, leave reminders, and score recipes. You can control the display remotely by first downloading the application and connecting your smartphone to it. In addition, some information can be downloaded from the Internet, thanks to the adapter the fridge can connect to a Wi-Fi signal distribution point.

Alexa Voice has over 6,000 functions, including recipe search, music playback, ordering food from Amazon, grocery list creation, mechanic call, timer setting, weather forecast check and many other useful functions. With a built-in voice assistant, all of these operations can be done by giving voice commands.

The Smart Tag menu allows you to add stickers that allow you to easily identify the food and meals that are in the refrigerator, as well as enter their expiration date. This smart fridge will warn you and your family members when a particular product is undesirable for consumption.

To allow you to remotely check the fridge’s contents, it has a video camera that offers an inside view of its shelves and chambers. You can watch the video broadcast remotely on your phone, tablet or computer.

Samsung Family Hub

Samsung released its version of the smart fridge a little ahead of LG. According to experts, smart fridges from Samsung are one of the best solutions in the category of smart home appliances. Let’s look at the merits of this model in more detail.

Samsung Family Hub has a triple cooling system: 3 evaporators and 2 compressors to control temperature and humidity. There is also a multi-functional compartment located on the bottom right (Flexzone). Flexzone can switch between freezer and refrigerator compartment modes. There are a total of 5 chamber temperature modes. The Flexzone will help to preserve foods that require a specific air temperature to keep them in good condition.  

This fridge can be operated with a touch screen display. Samsung Family Hub display is more compact than its counterparts from LG. Its diagonal is 21.5 inches. On it you can write notes, leave reminders, go to the browser, surf, and find relevant information. Wi-Fi makes it even easier. You can control your fridge remotely from your smartphone or tablet. But that’s not all. For example, you can duplicate the image from the TV to the display, but this function is only available to Samsung Smart TV owners. In the absence of such, the creators offer to watch videos and listen to music through the Pandora app.

Inside the fridge, there are three video cameras, which offer an overview of the contents of the useful space. You can monitor the insides of the Samsung Family Hub remotely from your phone, tablet or computer.

Liebherr CBNPes 4878

Compared to its closest competitors, the Liebherr CBNPes 4878 fridge has a compact 7-inch touchscreen.

It is equipped with the BioFresh Plus system, capable of maintaining four temperature settings. This gradation allows even delicate foods to retain their flavor, consistency, and useful properties for a long time.

Liebherr CBNPes 4878 belongs to the BluPerfomance range. The cooling system is located in the base of the fridge and the grid is retracted downwards, thanks to which the useful volume of the fridge is significantly increased. Besides, this part has become smooth, so less dust accumulates there, which makes it easier to clean the interior of the fridge.

The NoFrost freezer function keeps food cold for 24 hours in the event of a power outage. NoFrost is a dry freezing function, so the user no longer has to wait for the food to thaw, because the ice simply does not freeze during this process. Thanks to this function, the ice will not freeze on the walls of the freezer compartment.

To avoid unpleasant odors, filters filled with activated carbon are built into the fridge.

Xiaomi Viomi Internet Refrigerator 21 Face

This fridge has a huge LCD display on the door. Its diagonal is 21 inches. Its functional purpose is to control the main parameters. In addition, using the display, the user can search for information on the Internet, write notes, and set notifications. On the screen, you can see such indicators as, the temperature mode of the fridge compartments, weather forecast, news summary, and much more.

It is quite easy to control such a fridge not only through the display but also by connecting to it with your smartphone or tablet. To do this, you need to download the application from the Play Market or App Store.

The fridge has two additional features, such as a super-freezing function and a temperature indication. If you need to freeze several foods as quickly as possible, this feature will allow you to solve this problem. If you accidentally leave the fridge open or the power goes out, the fridge will notify you. So, it will help you enlarge the life of this fridge.

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