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Facts you need to know about Tanqr

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Liam Bob a famous YouTube Star, better known on the web as Tanqr and formally known as TanqaPlays. The English YouTuber is popular for playing the Roblox games Arsenal and BedWars. Tanqr is best known for becoming a YouTube sensation. He records Roblox and other games and uploads them on his channel. He became a gaming celebrity and massed more than 2.47 million subscribers for YouTube, where he posts gameplay footage. He has occasionally streamed with Truth Behind The Lies from his famous IeatLongPopsicle account and other YouTubers in his videos.

He also has his other channel, Leeyum, in which he records Roblox gameplay. In addition to that, he has also recorded games like Booga Booga, Apocalypse Rising, Super Power Training Simulator, Mad City, KAT!, The Forest, Murder Mystery 2, The Wild West, Flee The Facility, Power Simulator, Bedwars, and Big Paintball.

Biography and Body Statistics:

Full name: Liam Bob (Tanqr)

Date of birth: 31st December 1999

Place of birth: United Kingdom

Age: 23 years (As of 2022)

Horoscope: Capricorn

Nationality: English

Height: Not available

Weight: Not available

Occupation: Youtuber, Gamer

Instagram: @tanqryt

YouTube: Tanqr, Leeyum

Net Worth: $1 Million

Spouse/Girlfriend: Not available

Facts about Tanqr

  • Tanqr is one of the wealthiest YouTubers of England and one of the players with decent skills. He is most recognized for his friendly rivalry with KreekCraft.
  • He does not reveal his face to the world. Perhaps, he does not want to disclose his identity on social media platforms.
  • It appears that he does not have an Instagram account. His fans create many pages on his name and post irregular posts related to his YouTube Videos.
  • On October 18, 2014, Tanqr created his channel on YouTube and began uploading videos after a year. He mostly published Roblox movies, but previously they weren’t supposed to be Roblox productions.
  • He mainly plays Arsenal, where he is usually controversial and accused of Tanqr using hacks. These accusations were false. He has dealt with FusionBoys several times.
  • In 2020, he created a second YouTube account Leeyum. On October 16, 2017, he uploaded his first video in which he was playing the Roblox game Apocalypse Rising with the song Achievement. After three more montages, he switched to Let’s Plays.
  • Tanqr made a Let’s Play video on January 4, 2018. After uploading a few more videos of Let’s Plays, he shifted to BOOGA BOOGA. On 28 February 2018, Tanqr made his first BOOGA BOOGA video.”
  • After a while, he started to make content on Super Power Training Simulator, or as he called it, SPTS. Tanqr gained massive growth on his channel by posting gaming content.
  • Around this time, Tanqr ended up getting into a “YouTuber War” against fellow YouTuber RussoPlays. He “won” with a diss track on him, produced by darealalpha. Also, he has partaken in the RB Rattles Championship Season 2, winning the tournament.
  • After a while, like previously, he switched to another game that was doing well on Roblox, Mad City. He once made BIG Paintball videos before switching to Arsenal.
  • He is friends of Roblox YouTubers Bandits, TruthBehindTheLies, Rainway, Rektway & TapWater. All they are in a Roblox YouTube collaboration group, “RoGang,” where they share Roblox content as friends.
  • OldManGamingHD is his dad’s channel, and he has one brother and sister. His Favorite BedWars kit is Barbarian or the Jade kit or Reaper.
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