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Studying in Canada: What are the most promising majors in 2022?

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After graduating from middle school, the most troublesome thing is thinking about what major to study at university. In addition, if students plan to study in Canada, it is a life event that needs to be carefully considered. After all, after spending a lot of money to apply for a study permit and enroll in a university, students do not want to regret the major they choose to study in the end. I believe that many students will be confused about which major with future development potential in Canada is suitable for them. In this case, I will share with students the most promising majors in Canada in 2022.

The fastest growing major in Canada in recent years

Business Administration

Master of Business Administration (MBA) is one of the most popular business majors in the world and is known as the “leader in master’s degree.” Its graduates have good employment opportunities, so it is the preferred major for many international students. There are many business schools in Canada that enjoy a high reputation in the field of international business, so choosing to study in Canada to study for an MBA is the dream of many outstanding students. You can also choose to take online MBA classes. Nexford offers a flexible, fully online MBA program in your chosen field of expertise so you can gain the skills to succeed in this fast-moving global environment.

Human Resource Management

Among the top 68 schools in Canada, only three schools offer human resources majors, which is enough to see that Canadian schools have a single major. Human resource management is a major in demand, required by all kinds of enterprises, and has broad employment prospects. Graduates in this major have the knowledge and ability in management, economics, law and human resource management, etc., and can be engaged in human resources in public and private enterprises and government departments, such as personnel manager, overall management relationship expert, labor relations coordinator, salary and benefits management, management trainer, career consultant, etc.

Computer Science

The development of computer and network systems has changed people’s way of life in many ways. Canada’s computing and related industries are still expanding, and the demand for computer science graduates is still maintaining a considerable growth rate. Among computer science majors, the most sought-after graduates in the job market are those with expertise in computer science, technical support, information technology, and systems.

Accounting and Finance

The employment market for graduates majoring in finance will naturally rise. Accounting graduates have always been less worried about their jobs in the job market. The better the economy, the greater the demand for accounting graduates. There is a huge demand for talents such as banking, credit, and investment managers of banks, trusts, and other investments. 


Engineering graduates should be ranked at the top of the list of the best majors to find a job because most of the products people use in their lives are inseparable from the design of engineers and the manufacture of factories. Among engineering degrees, bioengineering has the best job prospects, according to experts studying in Canada.

How to choose a major that suits you?Study in Canada, Promising Majors

Choose a major based on your personal strengths

Interest is the biggest motivation for learning. Therefore, you should choose a major that is easier to play and grasp based on your professional expertise and hobbies so that you can learn more easily and have a greater chance of success.

Choose a major based on career goals

When choosing a major, you need to prepare for employment in advance. In other words, students should choose majors with development potential according to their career development goals and the trend in the job market. For students who plan to study abroad, it is recommended that you have a certain understanding of the relevant work before choosing a major.

Choose a major before choosing a college

In foreign countries, a school with weak comprehensive strength does not mean that there is no good major, and a school with strong comprehensive strength does not rank among the best in all majors. Therefore, choose a major first, and then consider institutions with advantages in the relevant professional education field.

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