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Experience the Wilderness: Ross Lake Resort in Washington State

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Ross Lake Resort is a picturesque spot offering various activities and amenities. It was built in 1950. Located in the soul of the North Cascades National Park, the resort is encircled by dazzling natural beauty, making it an ideal place to relax and unwind.

It is a hidden location that allows tourists to explore nature’s magnificence while providing comfortable housing and mind-stimulating activities.

The resort is ideal for families, couples, and solo travelers. The peaceful setting and abundant outdoor activities make it a perfect place to enjoy and capture memories. 

Exactly where is Ross Lake Resort located?Ross Lake Resort

The resort is located on Ross Lake, stretching over 23 miles and showing incredible sceneries of the surrounding mountains. The lake houses numerous fish species, making it a famous destination for fishing lovers.

Every year, countless fishing enthusiasts visit the resort and relish their hobby in the beautiful scenery of peaks and woodlands. Travelers can lease boats to explore the lake, calm on the shore, and enjoy the breathtaking view.

The Popularity of Ross Lake ResortAccommodation Ross Lake Resort

  1. Ross Lake Resort and famous due to its many features. Some of them are as follows;
  2. One of the resort’s unique features is its location within the North Cascades National Park. The park has diverse plants and animals, including grizzly bears, bald eagles, and mountain goats. You can also explore various plants and flowers in different colors. 
  3. The lake offers a wide range of recreational opportunities for outdoor activities. The park’s rugged mountains, clean lakes, and dense forests provide a lovely location for outdoor activities such as hiking, fishing, canoeing, tent camping, kayaking, and backpacking.
  4. The resort is entirely off the grid and runs on solar power, making it a perfect area for eco-tourists. The resort’s collaboration with the National Park Service to elevate environmental education and conservation struggles is also a magnet for those interested in discovering more about ecological issues.
  5. In addition to its natural beauty and pleasing opportunities, Ross Lake Resort is an excellent destination for those interested in history. It is located near several historical sites, including the remains of a mining town active in the early 1900s.
  6. Luckily, the resort management suggests guided tours of the surrounding area, including visits to local waterfalls and historical sites.

Find Accommodation to Enjoy Ross Lake

Accommodations for Ross Lake – how to find themRoss Lake Resort

Four cabin styles are available at Ross Lake Resort, each accommodating various visitors. Whether traveling solo or with a large group, you can enjoy the trip freely since a cabin style will meet your needs and provide a comfortable home out from home during your stay.

Accommodations at the resort range from rustic cabins to deluxe lodges, all presenting lovely sights of the lake and the surrounding peaks. It features a charming collection of 12 individual cottages and three bunkhouses, all built on log floats that gently sway on the west side of Ross Lake.

The houses have basic amenities such as a stove, refrigerator, and hot water, while the lodges offer more lavish housings with complete kitchens, fireplaces, and multiple bedrooms. All the cottages are fully furnished, with electricity and running water so that you can enjoy a comfortable stay in the gut of nature. 

Ross Lake Resort Travel GuideRoss Lake Resort Travel Guide

Traveling to the resort is an adventure. The resort is situated where no roads lead directly to the resort. Instead, visitors must take a ferry or hike to reach the resort. The ferry runs daily during the summer and offers a scenic voyage across the lake, allowing you to enjoy the area’s startling natural attractiveness.

If you choose to take the ferry, you will board the Ross Lake Resort ferry landing, which is found at the end of the Diablo Lake Trail. The journey takes about an hour. Once you arrive at the resort, you can chill in your cabin, explore the lake, or participate in one of the many available activities.

Youngsters can reach the resort by hiking. Several trails lead to Ross Lake Resort, ranging from easy to challenging, and you can choose any of them according to your capacity.

The most accessible trail is the Diablo Lake Trail, a 3.8-mile hike with stunning views of the lake and ringing mountains. For a more challenging hike, the Ross Dam Trail is a 7.6-mile trek showing spectacular panoramas of Ross Lake and the surrounding wilderness.

A hike is an essential considerationRoss Lake Resort

No matter how you get to Ross Lake Resort, planning and preparing are crucial. The resort is located in a dense forest, so bringing all essential supplies with you, including food, water, and appropriate clothing for the weather, is necessary. The resort also suggests that visitors get insect repellent, as mosquitoes and other bugs can dominate the area.

Online Cottage Booking at Ross Lake ResortRoss Lake Resort Online Booking

You can book a cabin at Ross Lake Resort online through their official website. The website provides thorough info about each cottage style, including the number of people it can accommodate, its components, and its availability.

You can select your preferred cabin style, check availability for your desired dates, and conclude your reservation online. Once you’ve completed your online booking, you’ll receive a confirmation email with all your booking attributes.

It’s necessary to note that Ross Lake Resort’s season typically ranges from early June to mid-October, and availability can fill up fast during height season. Hence, reserving in advance is best to secure your selected dates.

To ConcludeRoss Lake Resort

Ross Lake Resort is a unique and enchanting destination that offers something for everyone. Whether looking for a peaceful pullout or an adventure-filled vacation, Ross Lake Resort is a perfect choice. With cozy accommodations, attractive genuine beauty, and a wide range of heart-touching activities, it will surely be a fantastic experience for all who visit. You can also book your room from your comfort zone by visiting their website. So, make a plan and see the resort this summer vacation.

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