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PUBG MOBILE: Celebrating the 75th Independence Day of Pakistan!

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Historical locations like Badshahi Mosque, Noor Mahal, Chitral National Park, Pakistan Monument, Tower, Derawar Fort, Mazar-e-Quaid, Hingol Park, and Ziarat Residency included within the event.

Independence Day is actually round the corner, and because it draws closer, PUBG MOBILE has something particular future for players in Pakistan.

PUBG MOBILE has released an exclusive event for the Independence Day called ‘It’s Beautiful, Its Pakistan’ for its fans in Pakistan.

As a token of gratitude and spirit for all the love and support shown by its loyal player base here in Pakistan.

As we glance to celebrate this momentous day, PUBG MOBILE invites fans to celebrate our iconic and culturally enriched monuments that make Pakistan one of the world’s foremost beautiful countries.

Through the sole, it is Beautiful, Its Pakistan event, players not only experience another exciting event PUBG MOBILE has brought their way.

But they’re also ready to journey from one exemplary monument to the opposite the comfort of their homes. What are better thanks to honoring our 74th year of independence?


What Are The Rules Of ‘Its Beautiful, Its Pakistan’ Event?

  • On this event, the game players must achieve daily missions to gather PUBG MOBILE Flips.
  • Players can secure 1 Flip for every mission that’s completed.
  • PUBG MOBILE Flips also can be collected by playing the Daily Quiz which incorporates various interesting questions on Pakistan
  • Each day, three questions are answered; every correct answer will reward players with 1 PUBG MOBILE Flip.
  • Once you collect Flips, players must attend the homepage. Then they have to press the active location to play that Match, Flip, and Win memory game by using this Flip.
  • Moreover, the players can tap on any card to flip it. And get the reward hidden behind it.
  • Players can flip the subsequent card. Suppose the reward on the second card matches that of the primary card. In that case, the user wins the corresponding award and reveals the portion of the exclusive art of a famous monument/landmark in Pakistan that’s hidden behind the cards.
  • However, if the two cards don’t match, it’ll be turned back over.
  • Every location has six cards, hiding three rewards during two cards.
  • PUBG players have to collect all the rewards on the present location and reveal the hidden monument/landmark completely to visit the following area.
  • Players can keep sharing the monuments/landmarks artwork with their friends on social media platforms in honor of our 74th Independence Day with PUBG MOBILE.
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