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What do we know about Pedro Rivera

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Pedro Rivera is a renowned Mexican singer and actor. He has made a firm name in the regional Latin Music World. Due to Pedro’s high profile, his children have received a lot of attention. Undoubtedly, he earned all the respect of his children as a Latin singer. But, people were initially surprised that in 2019, Pedro Rivera married his girlfriend, Juana Ahumada.

Before that, the Latin star was mated to Rosa Saavedrafor 45 years. But, they divorced in 2008. If you are looking for gossip about Pedro Riveras’s family. Today’s celebrity chatter is Juana Ahumada, the charming wife of Pedro Rivera. So, let’s talk about Juana Ahumada and her relationship with Pedro.

Pedro and Juana’s Age difference and Marriage

 Juana Ahumada

In Hollywood, it rarely happens for a big-old and famous celebrity to marry a 20-year-old girl. Nevertheless, the Mexican music industry highly praised Juana Ahumada and Pedro Rivera’s love. To the readers’ surprise, Juana is only 26 years old as of 2021, and she tied knots with Pedro Rivera, a 77-year-old Mexican singer when she was 24 years old.

According to Juana’s biography, she was born in the United States with mixed ethnicity. Although the love between Pedro Rivera and Juana Ahumada looks like a great affection, awkward people moments have always haunted Mrs. Juana.

In 2020, Pedro Rivera was required in a kiss scene triggered by Carolina Sandoval’s affection for Pedro during a live concert or television show. Though the most embarrassing part of this scene was that Juana Ahumada was standing right next to her husband, Rivera. Upon such shocking events on television, Mexican viewers expected to criticize Caro for breaking a marriage.

On social media, people uttered like “Why did he kiss? OMG,” or “wife next door.” However, the controversy shows that sexual intimacy between celebrities, irrespective of their “marriage” stature, doesn’t matter. Otherwise, why would Pedro Rivera break his 45 years of marriage with Rosa?

Believe it or not, no one can blame Pedro Rivera for falling with Juana Ahumada, as she is an ideal match for a famous star like Pedro. He is a well-known member of society because Rivera’s reputation led him to an opportunity to become Secretary of Education, Pennsylvania.

Juana is no less than with models. She is 55 kg with a figure of 34-28-40 inches and has a perfect waist of 28 inches, which is undeniable by her stunning pictures on social media. As she is beautiful, Pedro Rivera likes to show off his glamorous second wife as he publicly uploads pictures with her now and then.

Their marriage announcement, Is controversial or not?

Usually, when people finally decide to marry their loved ones, they can’t wait to announce it to the people. And so was Pedro. In 2019, when he announced that he betrothed Juana Ahumada, the Mexicans, especially his fans, spread a negative fuss about it.

Not only this, but his fans called this disclosure a “big pun.” In Mexican culture, it is inappropriate to get married when you already have children and grandchildren. Thus, criticism of his second marriage was indeed expected. But after six months, the controversy fired out as it seemed like Pedro Rivera’s fans absorbed the news.

According to the inside news, Juana has never been married before. It is her first marriage, and she is delighted. The couple has no children yet. At the age of 26, Jauna was blessed as the mother to six of Pedro’s children, 14 of Pedro Rivera’s grandchildren, and four great-grandchildren. Isn’t it thrilling? Certainly, Jauna is age-wise parallel to one of his grandchildren. How does that sound?


 Juana Ahumada

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