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Who is Max Helm Fiji? All you need to know about Lincoln Nebraska Case

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Fiji is also called Phi Gama Delta Fraternity at Nebraska Lincoln University. Fiji has a member named max helm. Max helm has been charged with sexual assault and rape. It was reported that in the fraternity party, he targeted and molested a female student.

This shocking news spread like a fire all over the Internet, leading to protests. Thousands of students gathered to protest against his action at the fraternity premises. They have carried the play cards and shouted the slogans against max helm. They asked the university to seal the fraternity. According to latest information Max Helm Fiji net worth is Under review

Phi gamma delta, also called Fiji, is a social fraternity consisting of more than 144 operative divisions and 10 dominions. These are situated in Canada and the United States.

Max helm was a member of Fiji, so it was about the integrity of the fraternity. Such action was a disgrace to the whole fraternity. To clear the image of this group, it was necessary to give punishment to the culprit according to the laws. Protestants were decisive to provide the victim justice.

Biography and Body Statistics:


Full name: Max Helm Fiji UNL

Date of birth: Not available

Place of birth: United States

Age: early 20’s (according to news sites)

Nationality: American

Height: Not available

Weight: Not available

Occupation: Member Phi Gamma Delta Fraternity at Nebraska Lincoln University

Instagram: Not available

Net Worth: Not available

Spouse/Girlfriend: Not available

Facts about Max Helm

  • Max helm, a member of Fiji, assaulted a female student on university premises on the part of the fraternity. This incident didn’t happen the first time. Max helm was also accused of sexual assault before it. At that time, he was suspended, and there was not that much hue and cry because the case was not highlighted. But this time it is not the same.
  • People mentioned that the sexual assault case of him too happened in 2017. The news leaked all over the country through social media platforms, so thousands of people gathered for the protest. The fraternity members tried to harass the Protestants to close the case.
  • The victim’s identity is not revealed yet and hidden from the public. She is transferred to the nearest hospital. The complete information given regarding the victim is about her age. She is yet minor and just 17 years old. The reason behind hiding her identity is to ensure her safety.
  • Even so, @emmyofthevalley spoke about the incident this time by her tweeter account. So this single post also attains the attention of so many people. People took her tweet as a call and came out to protest against the culprit. It is not that easy for such cases to come out from fraternity.
  • But this time, due to too much attention of people, not only is this case highlighted but fraternity has been suspended and is under trial. Protesters asked to shut down Fiji. Almost 280,302 people had signed a petition already against the fraternity, and many other people are ready to sign it.
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