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Facts you want to know about Janice Dyson

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Janice Dyson is the wife of a well-known businessman, John McAfee ex CEO of McAfee. They used to live in Lexington, Tennessee, since 2013. But her husband got arrested in Barcelona on criminal excise dodging accusations.

Spanish government got the search orders from the United States of America. John was accused of not paying income tax returns despite earning millions of dollars from 2014 to 2018. Spain’s national court accepted the command to send him back to the United States.

However, John was found dead in his prison on the same day he was supposed to transfer to America. Later on, authorities confirmed that it was a suicide case.

John McAfee developed antivirus software to find the virus and fix it automatically. That innovation turned out to be a huge success that made him a business icon. Janice Dyson age

Biography and Body Statistics:

Full name: Janice Dyson

Date of birth: 1983

Place of birth: Guatemala

Age: 39 years (As of 2022)

Horoscope: not available

Nationality: American

Occupation: not available

Instagram: @dysonjanice

Net Worth: not known

Spouse: John McAfee

All about the body measurements of the Janice 

Here are the body measurements of Janice Dyson;

  • Weight: 64 kg or 141 lbs
  • Height: 5’7″ or 170 cm
  • Shoe Size: Not available
  • Bra Size: Not available
  • Body Measurements: Not available Janice Dyson husband

Facts about Janice Dyson

  • Janice Dyson was born into a deprived family and grew up in poverty. Janice used to work as a prostitute in Florida before marrying a wealthy entrepreneur.
  • After marrying this software developer, his wife, Janice Dyson, came into the limelight. They had an age difference of approximately 37 years between them.
  • The couple first met in 2012 when Janice Dyson got hired to serve him for a night. They both got married in 2013 and remained husband and wife till the death of John McAfee.
  • They lived together for eight years. Janice Dyson stood loyal to her husband in his difficult times.
  • Before marrying John McAfee, she had two daughters and one son. A British software inventor married twice before tying the knot to her; he had 46 children from his previous marriages and 61 grandchildren.
  • Through her Instagram, Janice Dyson posted detailing how she was adapting to her late husband’s death and the aftermaths.
  • She portrayed she’s in a steady dread that someone is bothering her life and is thinking that it is hard to leave Spain.
  • She additionally whined about the sluggish examination concerning John’s demise. Also, she announced how things have been tense for a couple of months.
  • Janice Dyson’s net worth is not estimated yet. But his husband was a pretty rich man, so according to some sources, his net worth is $4 million.
  • Here is an interesting fact about John’s African American sweetheart; it is said that Janice Dyson had started the relationship with McAfee to keep an eye on him for cartel supervisors for whom she worked. Indeed, she had gotten orders from them for medication and toxic substances.


Who is Janica Dyson?

Janica Dyson is a talented marketing director.

What is Janica Dyson known for?

Janice Dyson is best known for her husband John McAfee, whose the designer of antivirus software and the late founder of the McAfee Association.

What are some of Janica Dyson’s notable achievements?

Some of Janica Dyson's notable achievements include successfully launching several international marketing campaigns and receiving recognition for her outstanding leadership skills.

Where is Janica Dyson from?

Janica Dyson is originally from Salt Lake City Utah, a place she loves to visit.

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