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How Can Dragonflies Bring Charm to Garden Space?

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You will give a strange impression if someone tells you that he got feared of a dragonfly while sitting in the house garden. It is a common reaction because Dragonflies are naturally seen as friendly and captivating insects by many people worldwide. People like to decorate their gardens and backyards by inviting them using different flowers. In this article, you will read detail about how you can make your home look beautiful with dragonflies.  

Dragonflies: Their Mysterious Ways RevealedDragonflies

Before moving towards the main point, you must know how dragonflies are human-friendly. 

  1. Dragonflies are important predators that assist in controlling populations of other insects, including mosquitoes and flies. Unlike some other insects that may sting humans, dragonflies are harmless and cause no threat to people. They do not carry infections and transmit any dangerous pathogens.
  2. You can make your home mosquitoes free with the help of plants that attract dragonflies. 
  3. Because dragonflies are sensitive to environmental transformations, they can be used as indicators of a healthy ecosystem. In areas where dragonfly populations are flourishing, it is a sign that the surrounding environment is healthy and well-balanced.
  4. Dragonflies are stunning insects with shimmering rainbowy wings and long skinny bodies. They are often admired for their magnificence and grace, and their unique shades and patterns make them a popular subject for photographers and artists.
  5. The wings of dragonflies are covered in tiny scales that reflect light, creating a stunning luminosity that glows in the sun.

What do Dragonflies Eat?What do Dragonflies eat?

You can only develop a magnetic climate for dragonflies once and if you know what dragonflies eat. Dragonflies are predatory insects, and they feed on a variety of small insects, such as mosquitoes, flies, gnats, and other flying insects.

They also eat butterflies, moths, and even smaller dragonflies. They are skilled hunters who can catch prey while flying in the air. They have strong jaws that crush and consume their game. Some larger species of dragonflies have even been known to feed on small fish and tadpoles. 

Invite Dragonflies to your BackyardDragonflies

Attracting dragonflies to your backyard can be entertaining and rewarding to enjoy these mesmerizing insects up close. Here are some suggestions for creating a dragonfly-friendly environment in your yard:

  • Provide Water

Dragonflies need water to breed and lay their eggs, so a water source in your yard can be a fantastic way to draw them. It could be a pond, a bird bath, or even a small container filled with water.

  • Create a Sunny Spot

Dragonflies love to flounder in the sun, so a sunny spot in your yard will create a magnetic atmosphere. It could be a bright patch of grass, a rock, or even a piece of driftwood.

  • Plant Native Vegetation

Dragonflies are fond of native plants, so planting a variety of native vegetation in your yard is a fantastic method to attract them. Native plants also provide a habitat for other insects, which can provide food for dragonflies.

  • Provide Shelter

 Dragonflies need shelter from the wind and sun, so providing plants or other structures in your yard will attract them to make your garden beautiful. It could be a patch of tall grass, a cluster of trees, or even a tiny garden shed.

  • Avoid Using Pesticides

Pesticides can harm dragonflies, so avoiding them in your yard can help create a more welcoming environment for dragonflies.

Add Valuable Plants to Attract DragonfliesDragonflies

Dragonflies are attracted to plants that provide shelter, food, and nesting opportunities. Here are some plants that can help attract dragonflies:

  1. Water lilies: These aquatic plants furnish an excellent place for dragonflies to lay their eggs and attract small insects that they feed on.
  2. Rushes and reeds: These tall grass-like plants grow in and around the water, providing a fine hiding place for dragonflies to rest and ambush their prey.
  3. Irises: These plants have large, showy flowers that provide a good perch for dragonflies to rest and hunt.
  4. Cattails: These plants grow in wetlands, providing a suitable position for dragonflies to lay their eggs and attracting small insects that dragonflies feed on.
  5. Meadowsweet: This plant produces aromatic flowers that tempt insects, attracting dragonflies.
  6. Goldenrod: This plant produces tall stalks of yellow flowers that draw various insects, including those that dragonflies feed on.
  7. Milkweed: This plant produces clusters of scented flowers that entice various insects.

Remember, providing various habitats, including still water, flowing water, and wetlands, can attract a diverse range of dragonflies to your garden.

Make Your Garden Beautiful With Different DragonfliesDragonflies

When you make a suitable environment for Dragonflies, not only one type of Dragonfly, but you will enjoy a cloudy evening with different Dragonflies.

Here is a diversity of Dragofly that you can enjoy in your colorful garden.

True Dragonflies

They are large, strong-flying dragonflies with eyes that meet at the top of the head. Examples include the Green Darner, Eastern Pondhawk, and Blue-eyed Darner.


These are smaller and more delicate than true dragonflies, with eyes set widely apart on the head. Examples include the Ebony Jewelwing, Blue-fronted Dancer, and Emerald Spreadwing.


The dragonflies have club-shaped tails and are found near rivers and streams. Examples include the Cobra Clubtail and Mustached Clubtail.


Skimmers are the most common Dragonflies with broad wings and various colors. Examples include the Widow Skimmer and Blue Dasher.


These dragonflies have long, thin abdomens near streams and rivers. Examples include the Twin-spotted Spiketail and Lake Emerald.


They are large, fast-flying dragonflies with long abdomens. Examples include the Shadow Darner and Common Green Darner.


You can develop a magnetic force for Dragonflies to make your backyard charming. You only need to know what Dragonflies eat. Grow the particular plants and welcome them into your stunning green garden. Their beautiful colors will add a distinctive look to your home and increase the joy of evening tea. 

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