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Demi Bagby’s: Career, Personal life, Biography, Net Worth, and more!

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In the vibrant city of San Diego, California, a lively and energetic girl named Demi Bagby resided. Living life to the fullest, she embraced every opportunity that came her way with open arms. 

Demito Bagby is recognized as a top fitness model, muscle-builder, and CrossFit athlete. The famous young girl is active on social media sites including Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter and is popular among their users.

Demito runs her own YouTube channel where she posts her workout videos. The basic source of her income is brand advertisements, promotions, and paid broadcasts.

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Early Life and Education

Demito Bagby was born on 10 January 2001. The vibrant young fitness sensation from sunny San Diego, California. With a January 10th birthday, Demi is a Capricorn who celebrates life to the fullest. Born in 2001, she’s an enthusiastic 20-year-old living her dream life in her hometown with her loving family.

Despite her young age, Demi’s a force to be reckoned with when it comes to fitness and exercise. After suffering a life-altering accident, she was determined to make her body stronger than ever before. She’s since become an inspiration to millions of people around the world.

Demi’s family is an important part of her life, and she’s often shared photos of them on her social media platforms. Her father, Forlan Bagby, works hard in a local shop to support the family, while her mother, Riza Bagby, is a homemaker who cooks delicious meals for everyone.

Also, Demi has two elder brothers, Devon and Damian, and an elder sister named Desire, who’s a successful lawyer. Despite her fantastic figure and stunning looks, Demi is surprisingly private regarding her personal life.

She’s never shared anything about a boyfriend or relationships, leading some to speculate that she’s single and focusing on her studies and career. Others believe that she’s keeping her relationship under wraps. Either way, Demi’s future is bright, and we can’t wait to see what she achieves next!

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Quick Facts

Real Name: Demito Onaria Bagby

Date of Birth: January 10, 2001

Place of Birth: San Diego, California, USA

Age: 21 years old (As of 2022)

Nationality: American

Zodiac Sign: Capricorn

Height: 5’6″ in

Weight: 58 kg

Spouse: Unmarried

Children: No

Instagram: @demibagby

Twitter: @DemiBagby

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Demito decided to try something new in high school and joined the cheerleading squad. During this time, her life changed forever when she suffered a catastrophic back injury at just 13 years old.

But Demi wasn’t one to give up. After three months of being paralyzed, she decided to fight back and proved all the doctors wrong by walking again. This experience inspired her to focus on her health and fitness, and she soon discovered her passion for workouts and exercises.

Through hard work and dedication, Demi became a fitness athlete and, in 2016, was ranked 23 worldwide in her age category for CrossFit. Her flexible physique and admirable figure have made her a well-known name in the fitness industry.

Demi Bagby’s Diet and Nutrition Plan

As a fitness enthusiast and bodybuilder, Demi Bagby knows that a lean body requires healthy nutrition. Demi’s diet is rich in healthy fats, complex carbohydrates, and lean protein to maintain her enviable figure.

Her meals include lots of fresh vegetables and fruits to give her the energy and nutrients she needs to power through her workouts. But Demi doesn’t just watch what she eats; she also avoids anything hindering her fitness goals. She’s focused on achieving her ideal body and takes her diet seriously to support her training.

Demi Bagby Workout and Gym Routine

Demi Bagby’s workout routine is as impressive as her nutrition plan. She’s a master at Muscle Ups, Flag Raises, Rope Climbs, and other challenging exercises that require incredible strength and flexibility. Demi also loves pushing the limits with One Arm Toes to Bar, Backflip Wall Balls, and more.

Her passion for fitness is contagious, and she’s helping people transform their bodies and lives worldwide. But what sets Demi apart is her dedication to helping others achieve their fitness goals. She shares her workouts and exercises on social media, inspiring and guiding anyone looking to get in shape.


Accident and Recovery of Demi Bagby

It was a bright and sunny day in San Diego, California, and Demi Bagby was living life to the fullest. She was a cheerleader, jumping and flipping with her team when tragedy struck. In 2014, Demi suffered a devastating injury during cheerleading that broke her back and left her paralyzed.

The doctors said that she would never be able to walk again, crushing Demi’s spirit. But Demi wasn’t one to give up so easily. She kept trying and pushing herself, determined to prove the doctors wrong. After three long months of rest and rehabilitation, she finally saw hope.

Demi’s hard work and perseverance paid off, and she began to walk again. She wouldn’t let her injury define her or limit her potential. She decided to strengthen her body and started working out and focusing on her fitness.

She became a fitness athlete and CrossFit sensation through her dedication and hard work. She even founded her company, Repwax, to help others achieve their fitness goals. Demi’s story is a testament to the power of determination and the human spirit to overcome even the most challenging obstacles.

Demi Bagby

Demi Bagby’s Net worth and Lifestyle

Demi Bagby’s inspiring journey is a testament to her resilience and determination. After a severe accident paralyzed her, Demi refused to give up her dream of a fit and active lifestyle. She defied the odds and fully recovered, becoming a world-renowned CrossFit athlete.

But Demi’s talents don’t stop there. Her passion for helping others achieve their fitness goals is evident through her affordable training programs. She’s also a successful entrepreneur, having founded the fitness training company, ‘Repwax.’

When she’s not busy running her business, Demi enjoys indulging in her love for fast cars, with a yellow Lamborghini as her favorite ride. She also shares her home with her beloved pet dog and is passionate about playing the guitar and reading books.

Demi’s infectious energy and impressive skills have earned her a massive social media and YouTube following, with 290k subscribers tuning in to watch her underwater workouts and other fitness adventures. Her net worth is estimated at around USD 3-4 million, thanks to her various income sources from sponsorships, commercials, brand ads, and promotions.

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Personal Life

Demito promotes her energy and passion to her fans. She and her family are now living in San Diego. She has an enormous fan base and a huge crowd of followers. She has around 2 million followers on Instagram, and he has posted around 1K posts on it.

Other than Instagram, she runs a Twitter account and enjoys around 6K followers. She created her own YouTube channel in 2013, and now she has 119K subscribers on it. In addition, her TikTok account is @demibagby, and she has 14 million followers. As she is an online media person, her pay comes from different sponsorships and contracts.


  • In 2015, she took part in the CrossFit teenage girl’s competition and stood at 517th position in the US.
  • In the same year, she showed an outstanding performance and ranked 3rd in the region.
  • In 2016, after two years of her injury, she got 23rd position in the list of CrossFit young players.

10 Exciting Facts about Demi Bagby

  • She’s a proud owner of an adorable pet dog.
  • Football is one of her favorite sports to play with friends.
  • As seen in her many videos, Demi’s fearless in taking her workouts underwater.
  • When an armored truck’s door accidentally opened, Demi stumbled upon a road filled with money in Southern California in November 2021.
  • You’ll often see her promoting various products on her social media.
  • Demi has a separate room in her home dedicated to working out, complete with exercise machines.
  • She’s a talented guitar player and enjoys strumming in her free time.
  • Reading books is one of her favorite ways to unwind.
  • Her YouTube channel has amassed over 290k subscribers as of December 2021.

    Demi Bagby

FAQs about Demi Bagby

Q: Who is Demi Bagby?

A: Demi Bagby is a fitness influencer, motivational speaker, and social media personality. She is known for her impressive athleticism, positive attitude, and inspiring story of overcoming adversity.

Q: What happened to Demi Bagby?

A: When she was 16, Demi Bagby was involved in a severe car accident that left her with multiple injuries, including a broken back. Despite the odds, she has since made a remarkable recovery and has inspired many.

Q: What kind of workouts does Demi Bagby do?

A: Demi Bagby is known for her intense and creative workouts that incorporate a variety of movements and exercises, including calisthenics, weightlifting, and cardio. She often shares her workouts on social media for her followers to try.

Q: Where can I find Demi Bagby’s social media accounts?

A: Demi Bagby is active on several social media platforms, including Instagram, TikTok, and YouTube. Her handles are @demibagby on Instagram and TikTok and Demi Bagby on YouTube.

Q: Does Demi Bagby have any advice for staying motivated and achieving fitness goals?

A: Demi Bagby is known for her motivational messages and encourages her followers to focus on their progress rather than comparing themselves to others. She also emphasizes the importance of consistency and finding joy in achieving fitness goals.

Q: Has Demi Bagby won any awards or accolades?

A: While Demi Bagby has not won any major awards, she has gained a large following on social media and has been featured in various media outlets for her inspiring story and impressive athleticism.


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