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Every fact you want to know about Christina Read

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Christina Read has stood out as genuinely newsworthy for being Chad Read’s ex. The couples had effectively continued with new accomplices. After Chad’s death, his widow, Jennifer Read, has recorded an appeal to take the guardianship of the kids from their mother, Christina.

She admits that the current circumstance may affect her children’s vigorous prosperity. According to our perspective, perhaps she is right. Christina lives with a man who murdered their father. This would be upsetting to any kid. Furthermore, Jennifer has blamed Christina for imperiling her kids’ physical and emotional wellness.

Besides, she was the person who delivered the portable video of her better half’s murder. As per KCBD, Chad had evidence of Christina dating Kyle. Besides, he undermined her by opening up to the world regarding it. Christina has one child. She never revealed the identity of her son on the social media platform; it might be due to security reasons.

Biography and Body Statistics:

Full name: Christina Read

Date of birth: Not Available

Instagram: @christinaadeleread

Net Worth: Not available

Spouse: Kyle Caruth

Facts about Christina’s Husband Murder

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  • Christina’s age is almost 40, as her exact birth date is unknown. Charges assert that Christina and her new accomplice were planning to kill Chad the day he went to their property.
  • Notwithstanding, reality hasn’t been disclosed at this point, and the story is as yet a work in progress.
  • The case is chaotic and requires proficient lawyers to uncover what occurred precisely. Netizens, as well, have mixed opinions about the occurrence.
  • In the recording, Christina Read and Chad are found discussing their child. Allegedly, he asks her to give him the area from their most youthful child.
  • Indeed, Chad should get his kid as he had authority from 3:15 PM. In any case, his previous mate needed to see him once and for all, and consequently, she was deferring Kyle.
  • Afterward, Carruth emerged from his home with a barreled weapon a long time ago. He appeals that Chad should move away; otherwise, he will shoot him.
  • As Chad had interrupted, he should move out serenely. Nonetheless, he picked the other choice – he compromised back Kyle and attempted to take his weapon.
  • Simultaneously, Carruth moves two-venture back and discharge two shots at Chad. Christina’s ex-spouse is tracked down lying on the ground, oblivious from that point forward.
  • Christina Read is presumably residing in Lubbock, Texas, at her home. She is yet to talk in front of the media.
  • The public cases that she is additionally liable for Chad’s downfall. However, the examination continued, and nothing was settled.

Christina Read case

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