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Can Vaping CBD Help You To Treat Common Cold?

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CBD has made a name for itself in the health and wellness industry. CBD is now a multi-billion industry in the United States (US) alone, thanks to its healthy properties. In the eyes of its users, CBD can cure almost anything from chronic pain to multiple types of cancers.

Though these are only the view of users as neither the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) nor any other health agency treats CBD as a drug. For FDA, there is a single exception of Epidiolex, a pure CBD drug used to treat epilepsy in children.

Nowadays, people are using CBD even for treating the common cold. CBD comes in various forms, such as capsules, vape pens, oils, and edibles. Moreover, these products are readily available as over-the-counter items. Due to this, CBD users don’t need a prescription for buying it. Today, we will talk about how CBD Vape Pen can help with the common cold. Before that, let’s see what a CBD vape pen is and how it works.

CBD vape pen

What is a CBD vape pen?

As the name suggests, a CBD vape pen is a vaping device in the shape of a pen. These pens are e-cigarettes containing CBD oil in the cartridge with a rechargeable or disposable battery. These vape pens come in many stylish shapes and flavors, and on top of that, vaping CBD is also more healthy than traditional cigarette smoking.

Apart from the lungs’ health, there is another factor of bioavailability. The bioavailability of CBD is very high in vaping compared to other methods such as eating edibles or applying oil to the skin. The higher bioavailability helps users inhale a potent dose of CBD while vaping less CBD oil.

Can vaping CBD help in the common cold?

A brief answer to the question is yes, and vaping CBD may help in many health problems, including the common cold. The research on the role of CBD in the common cold is in the preliminary phase but it is promising. So, for a detailed answer, first, we will see how our body gets cold, then we will get to how vaping CBD pens may help with it.

In most cases, the cold is caused due to a viral infection, mostly the rhinoviruses. Inflammation follows the common cold in the nasal cavity and upper respiratory tract. The common cold symptoms include a runny nose, sore throat, cough, sneezing, and mild fever. Sometimes there are headaches, and body aches are also present in the common cold symptoms.

While there is no known cure for the common cold in modern medical science, there are many in herbal medicine. CBD has shown remarkable antibacterial and antiviral properties. Moreover, the anti-inflammatory and pain-relieving properties of CBD further help with the symptoms of the common cold.

Moreover, research suggests that people struggling to get adequate sleep are more likely to get the common cold. Interestingly, experts believe vaping CBD can help with sleep disorders such as sleep apnea and insomnia.

Can vaping CBD help in the common cold

How does vaping CBD help with the common cold?

According to experts working in the CBD field, CBD interacts with the endocannabinoid system’s receptors (ECS). The ECS is a regulatory network that regulates some of the body’s most vital functions. These functions include pain and inflammatory response, immune response, appetite, and sleep cycle. Endocannabinoids are the communicative molecules of the ECS. These molecules act as a signaling system for the body’s immune response. According to most research, CBD acts like an immunosuppressant, i.e., it suppresses the activity of the immune system.

Due to the common cold symptoms, the human body releases histamines. These histamines are chemicals released by cells in response to an allergic reaction such as runny nose or sneezing. Research has found that CBD helps in stopping the cells from secreting histamine. According to a 2015 study done on Guinea pigs, researchers have found that CBD may help in opening the bronchial passage. Opening bronchial passages could help proper breathing, which gets affected due to the common cold. A similar study on mice also reflects the same results. According to this study, CBD can decrease inflammation and hyperactivity in the air pathway.

In the scenario of the common cold, the human immune system becomes hyperactive. Due to this, symptoms such as a runny nose become severe. Some studies have found that CBD can affect the ECS signaling mechanism dose-dependent. To be precise, CBD may lower the activity of the immune system to a certain extent which provides relief from the symptoms of the common cold.

A 2016 review also suggests CBD has potent anti-inflammatory and muscle relaxing properties. Yet, there isn’t enough clinical data to conclude if the same can work for humans or not. Apart from pure CBD oil, full-spectrum CBD vape pens also contain different types of terpenes and omega fatty acids. These substances are rich in anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidative properties, which may help with the common cold symptoms.

full-spectrum CBD vape pens

How much should you vape for relief from the common cold?

Compared to other CBD products, vaping kits are tricky to use. While CBD is mainly safe to use, most people prefer a dose of 10mg to 30mg per day. However, CBD dosages depend upon several factors, such as:


  • Strain potency
  • Delivery method
  • User’s body chemistry and tolerance.


According to the British Food Standards Agency (FSA), the safe daily limit for CBD is not more than 70mg. So, while vaping, one can inhale 1/3rd from a 1ml vape tank or 1/6th from a 2ml vape tank. If that’s not enough, you might have to increase the dose to the safe limit gradually.


Vaping CBD oil may help with the common cold symptoms, but it can’t cure it directly. Generally, CBD lowers the immune activity, due to which the patients get some relief from the symptoms. In the meantime, the cold goes away on its own.

While vaping is even safer than smoking CBD, some people may also get an allergic reaction from the CBD. So, people allergic to marijuana should proceed with some caution with CBD vaping pens.

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