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Best Board Games of All Time

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We know that life without the use of technology has become unimaginable now, but it is not important that you spend time with your family/friends without the use of technology. You can do that by playing board games. These games are the best way to bring friends and family together. Here is a selection of the top board games that everyone should have. There are so many to choose from, so we have created a list that ranges from the nostalgic to the new ones that will guarantee a riot of laughter, sweet, bonding time, and everything between.

Some of these board games are designed for a single player, while others are for two players, and a large group of players may enjoy others as well. It doesn’t matter if it’s critical thinking or contests you’re after or simply entertainment and lots of laughter; there’s a game in this list that is suitable for all. However, if you have never played one of these games, we highly recommend that you do!

    1. Secret Hitler

Secret Hitler is a widely popular social detective game. The players are divided into two groups of fascists and liberals, and one Hitler, who has no idea who his supporters are. The purpose of fascists is to make Hitler win by hook or crook, whereas Liberals have to be aware. The fascists can win by executing six fascist policies or nominating Hitler as chancellor after implementing three. For the liberals to win, they must pass five liberal policies— or, to everyone’s enjoyment, kill Hitler. You can also play Secret Hitler online. To play this game online, ensure to have a good speed internet connection like CenturyLink. Click and check out their package for a smooth gaming experience. 

    2. Scrabble

You have probably heard of Scrabble as it is the best word game out there. It’s one of the best the oldest games ever created, and the popularity of this classic word game is undeniable. This game has unique and recognizable gameplay: you take turns forming words on the board by counting the value of each letter, and premium squares can earn you bonus points. Alfred Mosher Butts developed the classic game in the 1930s, which helped bring smiles to a family struggling through the Great Depression. Butts researched other games that people played to see what appealed to them and realized that word games were not as popular as other games since there was no score involved. Scrabble is simple enough to learn but requires a lot of thought and strategy to play. 

    3. Jenga

The thrill of making towers is amplified in this game, especially because it can escalate to terrifying levels of crisscrossed blocks in a precarious balance or even fall over and over in a reckless fun way. Make sure you can spot the perfect piece, or prepare for some squealing and laughter as the towers will fall over and over again.

    4. Ticket to Ride

This is a classic board game with a simple yet elegant concept. Players will build a railway system across the country. As the game continues, players will need to find ways to connect towns and cities. They must use train cards to build routes to the various destinations. The board game will end when the player has less than two trains left, and bonus points are awarded to the player who designed the most long-running route. The winner is the one who has the most points.

    5. Candy Land

The delightful games of Candy Land conjure up fond memories of childhood for us. The game’s whimsical board features landmarks such as the candy canes forest and Gumdrop Mountains, as well as colorful characters such as Mr. Mint and Princess Frostine. The idea behind Candy Land is simple, making it a game that even the youngest members of the family will enjoy. The premise of the game is that King Kandy is missing, and players are racing to locate the king. The players draw from a deck of cards to determine which way to go on their board. The cards indicate the next move using either color for each square they are moved towards or a drawing of an important landmark. The player who is the first to get to the top of their board to see King Kandy is the winner.

    6. Pandemic

Players collaborate for this board game to keep the planet secure from the threat of epidemics and outbreaks. The game revolves around four diseases that are threatening the entire world, and your team is required to find a solution. Together, you will try to stop the spread of infection to save humanity. There is no pressure. Hone your character strengths and develop a strategy together. It is either winning or losing together. Some people find this could be a bit close to home, but for others, it could be a fun way to discuss strategies with colleagues.


It is great to have some quality time without any technological interference, and nothing beats that other than a good old-fashioned board game. Therefore, we hope you like the list mentioned above and can easily choose your board game for this Saturday night.

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