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5 Must-Have Gadgets In A Spacious Entertainment Lounge

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The living room is where we spend most of our days at home. Surely, this is the place where family and friends gather and make unforgettable memories. The constant wave of technological advancements in entertainment always leaves us, humans, in awe. 

Depending on the everyday application, there are many cool and highly advanced gadgets to choose from. Turning a spacious lounge into a haven of pure home entertainment is a breeze. Here we will discuss the essential gadget must-haves to date. 

Golf Simulators

Owning a very spacious entertainment lounge can be a great venue for golf. The Garmin Approach R10 golf simulator is a prime choice that can be set up virtually at any location. It has a portable design and offers a highly realistic golfing environment. The best part of all, its high-end sensory technology allows users to track their current skill level. It tracks valuable player metrics such as launch angle, ball speed, launch direction, smashes factor, and clubhead speed. All of these are also factors used in improving shot consistency.

Smart TV

A spacious living room is not complete if it’s without a television. A Smart TV that offers high-quality image resolution via Dolby Vision HDR and full-bodied sound via Dolby ATMOS is a sure-fire way to fire up that weekend movie night. Smart TVs that support smart TV platforms and multiple app supports are a big plus. Finally, a smart TV that can also perform as a gaming monitor offering a staggering 120Hz panel with a 4K resolution display is a must-have for gamers. 

Gaming Consoles

Owning a Smart TV is one thing, but having a gaming console is another. The popularity of gaming consoles is unmatched. It offers users an outlet for that long day at the office. A game system with an ultra-high-speed SSD offers lightning-fast loading times in-game. Popular video game consoles now support 3D audio functions, adaptive control triggers, and VR gaming make up for that truly outstanding gaming experience. 

Living Room Sound Bars

A perfect soundbar that offers surround sound and exquisite double bass combined with smart TVs is a welcome addition to the living room for that amazing audio-visual experience. Soundbars offer Bluetooth connectivity that eliminates the frills of additional wires and speakers. 

Hue Play HDMI Sync Box

Achieving that distinct ambiance for your living room can be done by proper light configuration. A Hue Play HDMI sync box allows your television to be connected with Hue lights. This results in a highly collaborative atmosphere and sophisticated lighting experience that adapts to TV shows watched. Setting the mood during that scheduled weekend movie night will be a worry-free task!

Key Takeaways

There are several benefits to owning a spacious entertainment lounge, from having an enormously wide screen smart television, adaptive hue lights, and an audio setup packed with many basses. A golf simulator can also help in refining golfing skills and act as a daily exercise activity. Installation of a gaming console connected to a 60″ Smart TV with 4K resolution while having state-of-the-art soundbars creates a truly immersive gaming experience to die for.  

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