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5 key writing tips from real essay writers in 2022

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There are many reasons why students struggle to write their college essays. We could mention the lack of time, poor writing skills, lack of understanding of the subject or course, etc. The bottom line is many students struggle to write their essays. If you’re reading this, you probably are one of the students struggling to write your essays. Many students outsource their essays to professional writers at essay writers UK where they’re sure to get high-quality essays at an affordable price. However, it’s understandable that not every student can pay writers to help them with their essays. Sometimes, it may be that they can’t afford the service, and in other cases, they want the thrill of writing their essay by themselves. 

Whatever category or subcategory you fall in, the goal of every student is to submit excellent essays and get high grades. However, you may only be able to achieve this with external help from professionals directly or indirectly. Even if you can’t pay essay writers to write your essay, it’ll help you in many ways if you can get writing tips from them. 

Given that you’re under pressure from instructors and professors to follow specific guidelines and style guides, you must get all the tips and tricks you need from professionals. This article will discuss five major writing tips from essay writers that you should note when writing your college essays. 

1. Plan your essay with a proper outline

No matter how easy or hard an essay topic seems, never start writing without properly planning the content of your essay. This is the first step to any excellent essay. If you don’t take the time to plan your essay, it comes out more disorganized; the points and paragraphs will likely be disjointed instead of flowing into each other. In the end, you’ll fail to express your main point or thesis statement in the best possible way. 

In many cases, creating an essay outline is the difference between a good essay and an excellent essay. No matter how good your research is, you must write your point in a coherent and perfectly-flowing manner to maintain the strength of your argument. 

2. Win the introduction battles

The hardest part of essay writing for students is starting. It’s easier to go back and continue an essay or finish it up, but starting is where the battle is. You can only finish up something you’ve started. The inability to start is why many students don’t get to write their essays. This is a battle you must learn to win. However, that’s not all there is to writing your introduction. Beyond starting, it’s more important that you nail it. 

Your introduction is the earliest part of your article that introduces your essay to the readers/audience. Their impression of your introduction determines how they view the entire essay. If your introduction is good, your readers are likely to go on and read the rest of the essay, but if it’s not good, they’re unlikely to dump your essay and rate it poorly. This is the introduction battle that you must win. It means you must put your best foot forward when writing an essay. 

3. Use active voice instead of passive voice

Using passive voice in essays is one of the most common mistakes students make. It’s a major reason why students may struggle to do well in their essays. Using passive voice isn’t wrong grammatically, and it doesn’t mean you’ll fail your essay. However, it doesn’t give your words, sentence, passage, and by extension, your essay the strength that it needs to make your point. The best way to write is to use an active voice. 

Writing your essay in an active voice makes a huge difference for your essay. It gives the impression that you’re confident in your writing and improves the strength of your argument. It’s almost impossible to write an entire essay without using a passive voice, but ensure it’s minimal. One of the cons of passive voice is that it makes the reader’s reading experience more complicated and builds unnecessary and avoidable questions in them. 

4. Pay attention to your word usage

An essay is a string of words to pass information or make an argument. There’s no essay without words. So, the words you use in writing your essay play a crucial role in how the essay turns out. Your choice of words determines the strength of your point. Some words reduce your point, while others make it stronger when they’re used in the same context. 

The use of synonyms is something you must also pay attention to. While using synonyms is okay because you want to avoid repeating the same words throughout the essay, you must be careful of the synonym you’re using. Avoid making the mistake of using a thesaurus to look for new synonyms. This might spell doom for your essay because these synonyms don’t always fit into the same sentence and context. This makes it very hard for your readers to understand the passage, and it becomes obvious that you’ve used the wrong word. So, if you don’t know the meaning and usage of a word, it’s best not to use it. 

5. Edit and proofread

Editing and proofreading are two important skills every writer must possess to be successful. Students tend not to take editing seriously and do little to no proofreading. This will be your undoing if you’re in this habit. You must take editing and proofreading as seriously as writing. Do it with the same intensity.

In the same way, you cannot write a single essay draft; you cannot also edit your essay once and move on. Do it repeatedly. Take time out in between them and come back to the essay again. This ensures that you see every error, mistake, and oversight in your essay and correct them before submitting.  


Essay writing isn’t an easy undertaking, but you can be successful at it. Not every student will be able to outsource their essays to essay writers, but everyone can access tips and hints from professional essay writers to help them write their essays. 

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